Friday, February 29, 2008

..once in 4 years..

Once in 4 years. The very meaningful day for someone, a few person maybe. But im sure no women will pick this date as their ‘big day’ day. Of course la bcoz no women want celebrate their anniversary once in 4 years. Maybe a man looiikkee to choose this date, bcoz they don’t need to remember their anniversary every year. Juz once in 4 years..but if they still cant remember, they will dead meat. But it juz can be chosen if it suitable with the day la. As today its very suitable for nikah and having the reception tomorrow..huhu..what im talking nonsense nih..
actually today is my future FIL’s besday..his 52th years old. That if we count every year. If juz take the ‘tahun lompat’ he just 13..huhu…younger than me..really?? huhu juz pray ALLAH may bless him and family. Having a good health and wealth, and they will take me as I am, as his son take me..juz 3 months left and after that I’ll be a part of them..hope everything will sail also my ex-coursemate’s besday..named Fuad..28th besday..tak taw ktne dia skng ni..may ALLAH bless him and all of us...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

`not so good`

My healths are not soOO good through this week.I got flu after had fever for a day.not heavy flu la..sore pon dah im quite bz..marking Lines Plan drawing for ATMA's student.not soOO good la.i can draw better..oppss..i ever had drew better than them.YES I DID..meanwhile i still surveying a photographer for my big day.yesterday i got 2 quotation but they are quite expensive.i'll search until i satisfy and the prices are affordable.last nite we had small quarrel about this..but i dont care..i want do what i matter what!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i got an injection yesterday..4 having a gatal2 almost 1 week (gatal nk kwin benonye..huhu) maluuu..ade ke cucuk kat tuutt..kat tgn xleh ke.uhuk2....after the gatal2 recovered now got sakit tekak n pening nk demam je..uhuk2..demam gatal nk menikah kah ini?? huhu...

Monday, February 25, 2008

yuhu..motorola L6

Yuhuu...good news for me and of course for the owner of the handset-jump-into-toilet bowl.huhu..after 4 days keep the hs dry and now it can operate as usual.takyah gnti baru..hehe..


nape susah sgt..tgk org lain senang je..mgkin ada hikmah disebalik sumer ni..smg ALLAH beri kekuatan pd kami dlm mengharungi dugaan ini..smg ALLAH permudahkan sgla urusan kami..AMIINNNN...

Friday, February 22, 2008

cupcakes..nyum nyum

hurmm..tgk mcm lazat je..cantik menarik tertarik..mmg da bomb..huhu...those dpt kat blog sweetnesslism..yg ni large size..leh wt utk hntaran..nyumnyum..
yg ni lak medium size..fuhh...tergoda imanku..and last but not least ni supermini..tecik giler...comeeiiiii

Thursday, February 21, 2008

oh Motorola L6...

Arini dlm sjrah..handset Yie Motorola L6 msuk lubang toilet kat Lab Marin..uhuk2..terpaksa la seluk tgn kat lubang najis tu..dah la pastu nk gi mamam..waaaaa...Gmbr di atas adalah hs yg telah dibogelkan slps direndam selama beberapa minit dlm toilet a drying proses..nk amik gmbr tmpt kejadian tak?? huhu...mnta2 leh gune la..kang tak psl2 kene gnti baru..dah la hs lama nak kene gnti ngn 3G lak..tak agk2 pakcik tu..huhu.soli ek laling..bkn sengaja pon..

PS: gmbr ini diambil menggunakan camera NIKON, model ape tak mmg canggih.. Marine Lab nye..klu dpt sbjk leh wt bisness ni...:berduka mode:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


sape la yg soh wt bende ni..susah tawww...bile nk wt baru susah..klu tak wt tak susah pon.tak tensen pon..oh master ku..

nk kene phm bende ni...

nk wt at least mcm ni..
lg 1 bln je nk present nih..owwhhh.. BERUSAHA!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

~mak lang~

song sang by APEK yg menjahanamkan lagu Peterpan-Ada apa denganmu.special dedicated to me so called mak lang..huhu..

sekejap saja

last Saturday Yie came UTM..kwn dia, Black tawen kat Jengka.patu dia follow mber yg dr skudai blk skudai. dpt jupe sat mkn kat SP patu jln2..blk mamam chicken chop kat k9 lak.kuat mkn time Yie dtg je la diriku ini jd sokmo tak abes..patu ahad Yie anta gi kursus..break pkl 1030 jupe sat b4 Yie blk.bus ke KL pkl 11am..tak puas dok sama..waaa...pani tak taw lg ble jupe...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Proposed at LDP

A proposed thing..Yesterday 14/2/2008, a crazy man had threw away his money juz bcos he want to propose his girlfriend..want to know how it happened? this is the penglipulara lak.hehe..yesterday is Valentine's Day right?..for those yg celebrated Islam takleh smbut taw.then this couple going out,dating, eating, bla bla bla.. n lalu highway LPD..area Damansara tuu..then the man stopped and soh awek dier tgk kat billboard kat tepi highway tu..guess what? on a big billboard tu ade tulis "WILL U MARRY ME?" taw tak bape rege utk iklan tu..RM40000..gilak ah..after that, that man take out n give a ring worth RM14000..mak ank sape yg bzr duit ni..giler amount juz for proposed exceed RM54000.kalu kwin bape juta la abis..adoi la..mmg kaya bgt laki tak taw la couple ni malay or very sweeeetttttt kn..???? kite ni pnh dilamar ke eh.. mcm tak je..tup2 tunang dah..dah tunang leh ke dilamar lg eh..kalu leh i wish i'll get surprise proposal too..huhu..

Thursday, February 14, 2008


huhu..dah register smlm..RM100 for UTM's student, RM110 for UTM's staff and RM120 for nk gi tp gi je la..bile lg nk gi kn.. kene pakai bj kurung lak tu..malasnyer..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

~away forever ..

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2008 got not-happy news, bad news la..our biology’s teacher at MRSM Muar Hj Sallehudin also known as Ustaz Bio passed away. May arwah placed with pious people. Al-Fatihah for him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Percintaan yg tak disangka

Today hot chat topic at Very very unexpected when one of a caller named Kak Zai admitted she had fall in love again while her status is still ‘somebody’s wife’. Nauzubillahminzalik.. Can u believe it? Nowadays a woman also ‘main kayu III’.

In this case she, 41, had in love with a man age 23 years old for almost 1 year and no body knows about the scandal. Pity her husband and kids. She also admitted her family live blissfully. So why she became like that? Whose fault? Who should be blame? She said when she ran away from the guy, the guy sent her a lyric of Ungu’s song. Cinta dalam hati..

Tu la pompuan, tak leh kene puji ckit, tak leh ckp manis2 ckit dah ber
ada fly..Tak sedar rumah kata pi..kubur kata mai.. it’s not wrong but must know the limit. Don’t toooo follow the heart. Ikut ati mati ikot rasa binasa. Pandainye ckp.skng ni pon ikot ati je..*sigh*

At the age we should focus on our family and ‘amal’ but majority of us run after worldly. Ape nk jd la..Minta dijauhkan lirik cinta dlm hati yg wt makcik tu angau sakan...
Unexpected love.i also experienced this..when I was in form 4 my classmate, RKARI had proposed me to become his girlfriend but I don’t give him any answer until we finished SPM.

Then I entered KMPP and he at Perak. We still contact each other and he still waiting for my answer. And at last I gave him my answer..guess what? I rejected him on my besday..why? it’s because he came from country we girl don’t like mossttt..jahat kan..

and NOW, GOD give me ‘someone’ which came from a same country as him..padan muka ku ini..huhu…but I never regret taking him to be a part of my life..we will go through everything ~ sadness + happiness together. That’s our promise!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

~green water pitcher..luv it

last tuesday i went to KL to sent Maman to his 1st tuition class. i went to CC while waiting for him finish his class.after 2++ hours we went to KFC and bought a family combo set.take away.having it at home..for celebrate ijai's besday..his 23rd besday..and got water color..i'm lovin it..oppsss...wrong trade mark la..huhu..seb baik dpt green..if a cashier give other color i'll request green matter...and the flower is sun flower..same as my blog..hehe..


a few ring design that i like..huhu..dont like yg batu tersembul like engagement ring..but i will choose it by myself..hehe....cbuk je usya cincin mcm la org nk bg..dah la date of the wedding pon tak taw lg..cbuk je.babab kang..oucchh..

Friday, February 1, 2008

~engagement..almost 2 months..

Ermmm..the pict tells everything. I had engaged on 1/12/2007 at Malacca around 830pm, same day with his convocation and my cousin’s reception..sooo... many many problems had occurred towards the ceremony and also during the engagement day itself.*sad*and Alhamdulillah everything had settled although not smoothly as planned..legaaa...and today genap mcm dah lama je...

This, me with my mom n my only sister, which had given birth a cute baby boy..almost 2 weeks..I never see the baby yet. Thanks you sooo much to my family which had done all out for my engagement although I know they were very tired with my cousin’s reception b4..
And now let me introduce my hensem and gagah perkasa fiance..Mohd Yusairi B. Mohd Yusoff..hehe..B..thanks a lot for take me as I am.jg I molek taw.. ni gmbr dier konvo..very sad kalau teringat..waaaa

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