Wednesday, January 30, 2008

twin banana

Dreaming for a twin baby? the dream will come true if the lady keep eat a twin banana.or anything twin..i knew n heard this theory from my old school fren..faradilla..but it juz like mengarut je.hehe..but last 2 weeks I met a twin banana and ate each with my tak jd la kn..or the twin gene are getting strong when we ate together..hhuuhhuh..merepek je..

~fren wed n wed..

Fuhh.. juz 1 day left and we’ll enter a new month..sooo fast fren.ROZI..not so close la sent a sms this morning asked for my address.of cos la to send her wedding ceremony invitation card.hurmm..a not-so-close-friend pon having an effort to invite others not like one of my close fren.she like nak tak nak je invite us..nameless card..ape kejadah tah..ermm..when is my turn??*sigh*

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

lawa vs mahal

Terpegun sat..lawa giler..price pon lawa gk.huhu..tak mampuuu..masa kawan yie kwin, Din dia bg ala2 cmni kat sword barrel..byk lak Din ckp wife dia wt sndri..sep ckit kot klu wt sndri..nk taw bape hrga?? RM22.00..kem slm je la...hehe..credits to Weddings Creative Fingers..

Monday, January 28, 2008

crystal flower

Dok selak2 forum arini jupe satu bnde yg menarik..
price RM3.50 satu..mhl la klu stakat bg member2 je ok la kot..huhu..
view kat Weddings Creative Fingers..byk je yg menarik lg..tak sempat tgk abis lg..

Friday, January 25, 2008

::hezri azief::

Jeng jeng jeng..introducing my little cute nephew..huhu..comei kn..very chinese look lah...ikot sape eh..yg pasti dan kompomnye putih ikot my comei just like me..huhuhuhu..tak ksh la mcm mane pon rupenye..yg pnting smga hezri menjadi ank yg brguna utk kuarga..bijak mcm aunty nih..hehe..cant wait to see u baby...huhuhu

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy or Sad

rite this moment..i juz confuse.donno how to react..either i should feel sad or happy with the news..its all about my big day.maybe the day will postpone until someday.after raya, or end of this year..or maybe next year..*sigh*.. its all bcoz of the bengong of his authority..started last Tuesday their status are changed from Course Officers to Training Officers..all TO are not allowed to get married while still in training..they have to complete the training 1st..bongokss sgt..ape pgwai2 tu dtgkn mslh ke klu kawin..can they pregnant? unless a lady, they have a possibility to pregnant in training after acceptable la if they all are jate2 tu tak mendatangkan mslh pon klu depa stuuppiiiiddddd.. we never know when is the perfect time..his abah must be happy body can control his son yet.huhuhu.i dont care..i'll control him..also my parents..tgh ralit lyn cucu msti pnt+mls nk uruskan my wedding..speaking of which..actually im glad to heard the news.i have much more time to spend with my family especially a new born im having more time to make $$$$ n survey for the wedding..

~new born~

Yesterday 23rd January, a hindu celebrated Thaipusam and our family had a new born baby boy, our first nephew also our parents first grandchild and named as Muhammad Hezri Azief B. Mohd Hasri, 3.04kg..semangat kn.. He was born around 6pm at HUKM.. Her due was early of Feb but my sister was admitted in the ward the day before (22/1) and berjuang selama sehari..lama tuuu.. Everyone was waiting for her at the la..1st cucu kn..of cos la everyone became so excited. I’m going back to KL on 1st Feb to shopping some goods and maybe continue the holiday until CNY. Then br leh tgk my nephew tu. Tak sbrnye nk tgk my 1st anak buah..msti cute as his parents.*wink*. And from now on I’m called as mak lang..huhu.. Aunty lah.. everybodyyyy…nenek, atok, paklong, hezri’s parents, myself, pakcik, pakteh, paksu..we became older with our own don’t be so matured..sedar2 la ckit yee..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

surveying.. bkk webpage The Ladies Team..i thought wanna ask they to quote kn package yg ade..but unfortunately...the date we planned is fully booked.tensi taw..patu email a few photographers and asked the quotation..waiting for the reply la..n also ym two of mak andam.. very disappointed la..kak munie ni make up je without clothes..skali make up she charges rm250 if nikah n sanding on a same day added rm100 utk touch up..but if nikah n sanding on different day so multiply with 2 la..then klu mjlis kat melaka she cas rm200 for travel..penginapan??.. tak taw la cmne dier also fully booked...mencii...this all ur fault..pyh bgt nk decide tarikh..menci la..ingt keje senang ke lg maw bg tarikh last minit..hopefully i will get the best on my big day..

Monday, January 21, 2008

'Hantaran' for him

1day n 2 fast.the time we had spent together..not enaf..the time is jeles wif us..menci taw..sbtu 19012008 we went to the store TUTA and bought POLO pants and shirt with 30% less..thanks 4 my brother-in-law member's card..klu tak diskaun 20% je..jimat manyak woo..this is my hensem fiance in fitting room trying a new pants..yeah..a shirt he wore is an engaged gift..PLAYBOY..u jgn jd playboy lak..huhu..after found those things we looked for a usual he very demanding..asked for Dr CARDIN.. we found that brand but the design and price are not satisfied him..very cheap and old fashion..nsb la my budget besar noo..then we went to angsana..and this pict is a pict of org takde keje in the car..on the way to angsana
we entered all the wed boutique..juz survey the package, a dress but we look forward to a gown, bunga telur, hiasan hantaran and the wedding door gift.for the door gift the price are affordable tp very common.dah biasa sgt org bg..dok pikiaq nk bg ape utk teman rpt n sedara..ade ms nti try survey kat Nilai 3 of the boutique have a very lawa gown.*loveliness*..tak smpt nk snap gown tu lak..we both like that gown.the price to rent the gown is rm280 not included male clothes.kalu kat kl takde yg lawa sewa je la kat c2..*wink* then we continued our main point came to angsana..looking for Dr CARDIN..and finally i bought him the latest design with the socks..and the total amount i spent on that day is RM394.41 for 4 items..thats all are for my wedding 'hantaran'. although dont know the date yet but we are preparing month we will meet at KL to buy my goods..i will demanding as well..hehe..

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