Friday, February 29, 2008

..once in 4 years..

Once in 4 years. The very meaningful day for someone, a few person maybe. But im sure no women will pick this date as their ‘big day’ day. Of course la bcoz no women want celebrate their anniversary once in 4 years. Maybe a man looiikkee to choose this date, bcoz they don’t need to remember their anniversary every year. Juz once in 4 years..but if they still cant remember, they will dead meat. But it juz can be chosen if it suitable with the day la. As today its very suitable for nikah and having the reception tomorrow..huhu..what im talking nonsense nih..
actually today is my future FIL’s besday..his 52th years old. That if we count every year. If juz take the ‘tahun lompat’ he just 13..huhu…younger than me..really?? huhu juz pray ALLAH may bless him and family. Having a good health and wealth, and they will take me as I am, as his son take me..juz 3 months left and after that I’ll be a part of them..hope everything will sail also my ex-coursemate’s besday..named Fuad..28th besday..tak taw ktne dia skng ni..may ALLAH bless him and all of us...

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