Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yeah.. akhirnya ape yg dinanti sekian lama berlaku jgk. sgt excited menanti ari ni.. lama wooo tunggu.. why it took soO long.. smpai nk expired dah.. n i thought it wont happened..

Guess what?? ia melibatkan 2 phk.. 1 memberi, another 1 menerima.. org pompuan sgt teruja n suka dgn bnda ni n sanggup berabis duit. tp x semua yg mampu utk having this kind of.. mm what should i call?? ceremony? activity? owhh... what ever!!! we have to be well prepared mentally, physically n financially to enter this 'thing'.. ade yg dress up bagai nk rak.. n ada gk yg as simple as they can.. 'less is more'

Got confused? let me juz revealed what happened to us.. actly today at 12pm Azniza, Azliza n Muhammad Razman, son and daughters of Abdul Aziz n Rohani went out together to SOGO n back to Subang at 5pm.. xde la shopping sakan tp boleh la tebus mystery gift n dpt 500 points gune Birthday Rewards.. (SOGO members should know la) sgt ramai manusia kat c2 sbb today is the 2nd last day mega sales at SOGO.. the vouchers also will expired once the sales finish.. pening kepala dgn keramaian manusia.. mcm2 gaya ade.. n dpt gk la beli ape yg nk ikot bajet. Cannot over bajet nti bajet lari payah lak nk kejar.. ;)

im waiting for this moment from the beginning of the sales.. cume xsmpt nk blk KL je..dan akhirnyaa...

Ktorg (maman, angah, along, azief, kakdek) kat subang akn blk mlm ni lps akk n along hbs dinner.. x taw la pkl bape.. right now maman n myself jd baby sitter.. kene jg takcik.. opss cannot pngil takcik sbb dah ade rmbut.. huuhu.. mak n ayah dah blk kg mlm td..

Abg GG, ijai n ajim akn blk esok.. ijai n ajim naik motor may be blk ptg n abg GG blk mlm after work, 10pm.. yeah akn berkumpul utk smbut 1 ramadhan bersama.. mcm nk raya lak.. bkn sng taw nk kumpul rmai2.. masing2 bz mengalahkan menteri tp bkn bz body k..

Seribu senyuman belum tentu menawan hati
satu jelingan sudah cukup menimbulkan rasa benci
membina mengambil masa
meruntuh sekelip mata

smga ibadah kita diterima dah diberkatiNya

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

accidentally accident

petang smlm dpt sms dr B.. sms sedih actly.. he was accidentally accident.. mmg la accidentally kn.. mane ade org yg saje2 nk accident.. tp bkn dgn binatang di atas taw.. itu namanye ular.. was taken at car park office kolej last friday.. kene katuk gamaknye or accidentally accident??

actly B was on da way ke KK nk amik duit.. n was crashed by a Kancil, was driven by a girl aged 23 years old.. budak pompuan tu U-turn leh lak main kuar je.. B at that time on main road yg kene langgar.. pastu leh lak budak tu salahkn B.. mane belajar tah.. B mnta n smpn IC bdk tu.. n nk x nk bdk tu kene tanggung kos perubatan n repair motor.. n luckily bdk tu org sabah.. ms kat bengkel bpk dia smpai n hulur RM150 utk repair motor n bwk B gi klinik... nangis bdk tu kene mrh.. mane x nye, kete dia cdra agk parah gk.. biasa la Kancil kn..

ni la keceraan yg dialami oleh Mr Hubby kat kaki kanan dkat ngn buku lali n siku.. seb baik x parah.. n sgt2 bernasib baik gk B pakai helmet dgn betol sbb b ckp b terpelanting n kpla jatuh dulu.. Alhamdulillah.. thanks GOD krna slmtkn insan kesayangan ku dan Kau perlihara la kami dr malapetaka dan kejahatan manusia.. sian B sakit sorg2 kat sana.. *sad* sakit2 mcm tu pon semangat nk kawad utk hari kemerdekaan ke-51 this Sunday.. bgus tol la perwira ku ini... cpt2 smbuh k cyg next week leh jln2.. im so excited.. waiting for me k my dear..

ps: pakai la helmet ketika menunggang or membonceng motor utk kslmtn dr.. tp ejau x sukeee.... B mrh kalau taw x pakai.. uhuk2..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Gang Starz II

yeah at last dah taw sape juara Gang Starz musim ke-2.. bgus la abis awl, kalau msuk bln Ramadhan ade yg x terawih lak.. huhu.. actly xde la lyn sgt program ni.. cuma final je tgk n msti la sokong Malaysian groups.. n Alhamdulillah.. One Nation Emcees (ONE) menang.. x la malu kite kat Indon..
ONE dianggotai oleh Kozae, Zydee, Mimi dan Jojoe. patutnye ade lg sorg pompuan named Aliya kn tp xdpt teruskn sbb ape ehh... x amk taw lak awl2 aritu.. 1st time tgk group ni ms dinner ngn ina kat P19. time tu dorg tgh perform.. sgt teruja tgk group dorg.. yg Mimi sgt energetic.. mmg best.. seb baik la dorg menang.. plhn lagu yg best, muzik pon best.. syok wo layan... huhu.. hope dorg ni la yg akn menaikkan semula industri muzik malaysia yg kian tenggelam dek muzik Indonesia yg x la best mane pon.. mendayu je.. cannot accept la.. SO7 je la artis Indon yg best sbb muzik n suara Duta lain dfr yg lain... group Indon lain muzik n suara sama je. tu pon org Malaysia suke.. sedar2 la weeiii.. sokong la industri muzik tanah air.. kene jajah dah saraf seni dorg ni.. off topic sudaahhh.. hehehe..

finalist yg lain pon hebat2 gk.. saingan terdekat ONE adlh D' Reborn dr Indonesia.. dorg pon mcm ONE 3 laki, 1 pompuan.. tp x energetic mcm ONE..
dr Filipina ade 2 groups.. Paragon Child and 3.5.. mcm pointer lak. nape x 4 flat je.. huhu... Paragon Child sume laki.. ensem n comei2.. huhu.. vocal not so bad.. n pndai pancing penonton malaysia dgn nyanyi lagu artis Malaysia... 3.5 lak sumer pompuan.. vokal dorg pon mmg power. above adlh gmbr 3.5 exclude the superman tu.. thats Faizal Tahir pengacara program nih..

n another group from Malaysia is Akasia. ajai alwayz said Akasha.. pe kebenda la mamat tuh.. all ladies.. mcm x best sgt je.. sesuai nyanyi lagu tradisional je.. mcm makcik2 dorg ckp.. x sesuai tol.. dorg sume vogue taw.. huhu.. ape2 pon sokong la artis tanah air kita.. huhu..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

master vs Gred 41

Hi!! Im goona tell about master study and Gred 41 in this entry.. since Ilah is intend to further study, while Ina juz attended Gred 41 exam today. Both of them were study at UTM and had graduated same time with me but differ cos, ila in Mechanical Industry, Ina in Mechanical Production n me in Mechanical Marine Technology..

Ilah had worked at Flextronic for 6 months I guess, after finished study, b4 convocation, and now she is working at Panasonic Malaysia for almost 1 year.. she had a good job, income n future hah?? But why she intends to further? Biasa la kn.. time blajar dulu stress ngn assignment n project, rs mcm nk keje cpt2.. now dah keje stress ngn work load, n rs zmn bljar jgk yg syok.. yeah.. that’s right.. even though im doing master but its not like b4.. having a class n frens.. minat org tu.. usya org ni..huhu.. now I juz sit in ofis make a research or design job if im in a good mood.. or else juz spent the whole day surfing the internet.. huhuh.. ayoyo ni sudah byk merepek.. lets back to the topic..

These are what I know about master at UTM. x taw la sm ke tak ngn u lain.. rs lbh ckit kurang je..also can refer here. There are two types of registration, full time and part time.. ade 3 modes of study:

The Master's or PhD candidate by research is supervised by a lecturer (or a panel of lecturers) from the “Graduate Faculty”. The directed research work introduces candidates to the processes by which new knowledge is developed and applied accordingly. In the case of panel supervision, co-supervisors may come from the the industry. The academic progress of a candidate is assessed through a research progress report submitted at the end of each semester. The degree is awarded based on an an examination (viva voce) of the thesis submitted by the candidate on completion of study.

-Taught course
The candidate must complete a minimum of 30 credits, and must obtain a final academic grade of at least 3.0 CGPA. The minimum 30-credit taught course consists of several subject modules including faculty compulsory, faculty electives, a University elective module and a Master's project. Each module normally carries 2 or 3 credits, and assessment is by examinations and assignments. The Master's project (equivalent to a 4 - 7 credits subject), to be completed in one or two semesters, is assessed through a research proposal seminar and a final project report. The programme by taught course, which is designed to give deeper understanding of some more advanced topics in related disciplines, is only for the Postgraduate Diploma and Master's Programmes

-Combination of taught course and research
The candidate must complete a minimum of 30 credits, and must obtain a final academic grade of at least 3.0 CGPA. The minimum 24-credit taught course consists of several subject modules including faculty compulsory, faculty electives and a University elective module. Each module normally carrie 2 or 3 credits, and assessment is by examinations and assignments. The Master's dissertation (equivalent to a 10-credit subject), to be completed in one semester, is assessed through a research proposal seminar and a final project dissertation...

the hardest is by research of course.. ye la u need to do a research by urself n only get a little guide from supervisor.. kalau mls mmg susah la.. the best part is no need to go to class.. a ‘must subject’ to be attend are Research Methodology during mid sem break.. attend a 3 days course n pass the subject.. and U elective subject.. plh la subjek ape yg dsdiakan.. no test n final exam.. sgt sng kn.. the minimum time to accomplish master study is 2 sem, and max 6 sem.. but its depends on the course u take.. For engineering the min time is 4 sem. biasanye by research wt project lecturer with paid.. project tu ade peruntukan utk master or Phd student.. which called Research Student Grant (RSG). And the amount of allowance also depends on the project’s allocation.

so miss Ilah.. dpt cr lubang mane2 x.. good luck ok!!

About Gred 41.. xde ape sgt pon.. n x taw byk sgt pon.. rs nye lepasan degree n above sume under Gred 41.. ina exam smlm utk jwtn Penguasa Kastam, PTD ngn ape ek?? x ingt lak.. ssh sbnrnye nk masuk gomen ni.. tp tgk rzki la.. ade yg blaja x terer mane tp BI superb dpt je jd PTD.. starting je dah RM2.2k.. yg penting usahan tawakal la..

mm some info about a work i had done b4.. Pegawai Penyelidik or Research Officer (RO).. RO and RA are different.. soo much different ok!! RO ni gred Q41.. anybody who hold a degree can become a RO.. tp thp gj lain la.. kalau degree in engineering gj starting P1T3.. degree in since starting gj P1T2.. the difference between these two are not so much.. but from this u can see which is better right?? access SPA for more info..

good luck to all frens which had SPA exam today, eon too..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something About 1%

currently watching this Korean drama series.. tgk dvd je.. xde kat tv pon.. actly this is my 2nd time tgk citer ni.. pnh tgk thn lps n dsbbkn thp kebosanan yg maximum so lyn la cite ni.. nice drama with cute actors n actress..

mls nk story about this drama.. lets read the synopsis.. grabbed from HanCinema


What would you do if you were given the first right to marry a certain girl who will bring you a fortune?

Based on an original novel of the same title, is an exhilarating romantic comedy that takes you on a ride into the boy-meets-girl type of love story. This cute romantic comedy is sure to attract audience of all ages.

Da-Hyun Kim teaches Korean in middle school. One day, on the way home in the subway, she gives seat to a poor old man and helps him with his bags. She soon forgets about this but from that day on, all kinds of strange things start happening in her life. In the meantime, Jae-In is in a meeting at his office when he's interrupted by an urgent phone call. He had become estranged from his grandfather ever since he ran away from home. This also meant deletion of his name from his grandfather's will. But all of a sudden, he now gets a call that his name was written back on his grandfather's will again and what's more, he is also given the order of priority. He's even more surprised when he finds out that it is not the first right to inherit the fortune but the first right to date a certain girl. To make things worse, his grandfather says he'd bequeath his every single fortune to the girl Jae-In has never even heard of.

Kim, Da-Hyun (acted by Kim Jeong-Hwa)

A Korean teacher in middle school, she is an extraordinary girl from an ordinary family She is a good girl with a kind heart but when it comes to something, which she strongly believes in, she can also be very stubborn. One day she helps a poor old man in the subway but never expects her kindness to come back to her as a total "disaster"(?). Out of the blue comes this indecent guy called Jae-In who accuses her of seducing his grandfather for the sake of his great fortune. A series of fights follow where together they encounter a whole new life style and ultimately love but this doesn't change Da-Hyun. She's one of a kind indeed.

Lee, Jae-In (acted by Kang Dong-Won)

He is the Head of Planning Department at SH Emerald Hotel. He lost his parents when he was young and he brought up by his grandfather. His hot temper often sets him at odds with his grandfather whom he calls "master". In the end, he has a big fight with his "master" and runs away from home to live alone. Jae-In is an undoubtedly handsome and intelligent guy from a wealthy family so many girls look up to him but to those who really know him, he is a total "disaster". One days he gets a call that his name was rewritten on his grandfather's will but his grandfather's proposal to him seems somewhat "crazy". But to get what he wants, he has to marry a girl named Da-Hyun.

Jeong, Hyun-Jin (acted by Han Hye-Jin)

She has been Da-Hyun's best friend ever since from middle school and now lives in Da-Hyun's house. For her, Da-Hyun is more like her real sister other than just a friend. She is currently working as the intern at a general hospital. Blessed with both wit and beauty, she is an object of envy among everyone but she also has a story of her own. One days she meets Tae-Ha and falls in love with him.

Min, Tae-Ha (acted by Lee Byeong-Wook)

He is Jae-In's cousin and has been Jae-In's rival ever since he was little. Born 7 months after Jae-In was born, he is also very ambitious and good looking like Jae-In but he knows he can never beat Jae-In. He is now working as the Director of a Department Store.

such a nice n pretty bride n groom right?

pelakon2 muda yg ensem2 n cantik2..

Some reviews from me: hero drama ni mmg sgt baran.. ade ke manusia mcm tu ek.. main tengking org kat khalayak ikot suke je.. yg heroin pon sgt cool.. kalau pompuan lain dah x nk jupe lg laki mcm ni kot.. tp dsbbkn dorg dah sign contract so kene la akurrr... n at last jatuh cinta.. tp hero sgt comei.. suke wt pompuan tu bengang n then senyum sndri.. so sweet.. huhu.. some peringatan sesame kite.. harta bnda bkn kayu ukuran utk sesorg utk bahagia.. dlm cite ni pon tunjuk.. seorg jutawan (atok) jodohkn cucu dia ngn cikgu je.. dia x tgk hrta pon.. xde blgak lgsung pdhal jutawan tuu.. yg hero ni ms ade konflik ngn kwn adik dia pon ade ckp dia tak heran harta atok dia n harta fmly kwn adik dia tu.. dia leh usaha sndri.. yeah.. thats right.. yg kaya tu atok dia bkn dia.. nk senang kene la usaha sndri.. even this is juz a drama but im sure msh ade manusia yg down to earth mcm ni.. tp ade gk yg br senang skit dah up to sky.. ape2 pn this is such a good story with a good moral value.. so kwn2.. mari beusaha!!! grabbed nice sentences from Along's YM..
"Harta benda dan anak pinak itu ialah perhiasan di dunia, dan amal - amal soleh yang kekal faedahnya itu lebih baik pada sisi Tuhanmu sebagai pahala balasan, dan lebih baik sebagai asas yang memberi harapan"
renung2kn dan selamat beramal..;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

proud to be a part of UTM's

Konvo dah pon berakhir pg td.. congratz again to everyone.. all master and PHD student convo on 1st day, conferred by the Chancellor of UTM, Her Majesty Sultanah Zanariah Binti Almarhum Tunku Ahmad. bdk bachelor mechanical engineering konvo 2nd day, 3rd session.. juz as ours, 1 and 1/2 years ago.. sape agknye yg conferred the degrees to them..

Rs nye bdk yg konvo this time intake year 2004 (dr matrix), or 2003 (tahun asas) or may be some of them intake 2003 (intake matrix) or 2002 (tahun asas) yg extend.. alaa... bdk meki kalau extend tak heran pon.. normal thing la tuh.. tp x taw la bdk skng ni ade extend ke x coz jadual kelas dorg already arranged by faculty.. leh abis on time unless kalau ade repeat paper.. *ejau x pnh repeat paper ok. wpon sgt mls bljar.. x caya leh tgk kat sijil degree.* mcm zmn ktorg dulu kene susun jadual sndri.. mmg tunggang langgang.. huhu... sgt indah kenangan ittew.. *smile* gpon kalau bdk dr matrix extend x de hal sbb pndah credit 26 je (tgk result gk la.kalau sume cmrlang dpt la 26 tuh) compare yg direct intake dr SPM. kredit dpt dorg for 2 sems more than that.. so no wonder la..

Added, engineering from UTM x kira la ko extend bape lama pon,max 4 sem la, as long pointer above of 2.7 mmg sgt sng dpt keje.. 2.3 pon leh idop lg..
keje pon yg related dgn yg kite bljar.. so no waste la.. jgn blaja lain, konon abis on time tp keje ntah ape2 gk.. huhu... no offence ok.. gpon majority industry people already know, grade UTM lbh tinggi dr U lain.. dpt 85% br A.. tmpt lain 80% dah A kn.. cume starting 2007 sem I, the grade had changed.. dah sama taraf ngn U lain.. ape la dorg ni.. kn elok grade tinggi, ni gi turunkn.. nk bg ramai dpt 1st klas ke ape.. kalau wt time ktorg dulu kompem leh dpt 1st klas nye.. huhu.. tu pon ade org nk compare kn my result yg engineering at UTM ngn x taw ape cos dr u lain.. so the conclusion jgn suka2 nk compare result kalau cos n u x sama..huhu..
Batch ktorg ramai gk yg extend.. may be 70% .. but im sure more than 50%.. extend pn 1 sem je.. tu pon bape credit je pon.. amik Projek Sarjana Muda (PSM) ngn BI je.. tp alhmdllh so far sumer keje bgus2.. jd engineer or at least lecturer.. yg smbung blajar tak ramai.. marine's student myself je yg further master.. tu pon sbb dpt offer n got allowance.. time dpt offer master ade gk dpt some call letters for interview from some companies at KL tp reject sbb mls nk gi interview.. aci x.. at last accept je offer master nih.. gpon dpt allowance kn sape x nak.. Alhamdulillah rzki x pnh putus.. pas abis study x de chance mengaggur lgsung..

kalau sesape bkk website Konvo UTM leh tgk flash yg dorg x ubah lg tu since 39th Convocation, mine was 38th... kalau perasan la kn.. sgt bangga.. hehe.. let me paste here.. huhu..

nmpk x.. x nmpk lg ke.. huhu.. kn ade bdk pompuan cute kat c2.. huhu.. actly my fmly n i nk blk dah that time.. tbe2 photographer pngl nk amk gmbr.. huhu... so layan je la.. im proudly qoute The Vice Chancellor, Tan Sri Prof. Dr. Mohd Zulkifli Tan Sri Mohd Ghazali in his speech on Opening Convocation Ceremony, said
aside from trying to elevate the quality of its graduates, UTM is also trying to enhance its ranking among the best universities in the world. In 2007, UTM was in the top 500 best universities in the world ranking.
source: UTM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

41st UTM Convocation

HORREY!!! konvo kembali lg... tp pesta konvo la yg dinanti.. Rabu, 13082008 bermulanya pesta konvo, telah dirasmikan oleh.. mmmm sape ek.. pegi ms mlm perasmian tu.. siap ade yellow carpet lg.. kerabat Jhr ade.. not sure either Sultanah Zanariah or Sofia Jane.. opss Raja Zarith Sofia.. ade 2 wanita kat situ.. time dia bg speech blah sbb sgt skema.. huhu...

some info dr web utm, YAM Tengku Pro-Canselor Raja Zarith Sofia bte Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah, DYMM Baginda Tuanku Canselor Sultanah Zanariah binti Almarhum Tunku Ahmad. biasa yg rasmi konvo Sultanah Zanariah kn.. mmm.. maybe this time pon dia kot.. tgk ade Raja Zarith tibe2 ktorg geram je.. ye la sptutnye time ktorg konvo dia yg bg sijil.. ni TNC lak.. geram je.. mmg semua bdk mekanikal geram.. huhu nk wt mcm mane xde rzki.. hope next time konvo dpt la Sultanah ke.. sultan ke.. huhu.. berangan je...
bunga api sbgai tnda perasmian..

so sad.. ms on da way ke pesta konvo ktorg jln kaki je dr bilik sbb pak guard sgt byk, bersepah2 di tiap pelosok.. nk naik moto lak ade 1 je helmet.. so Ilah n I jln kaki la.. lalu short-cut sbb Ilah pnt mls nk lalu jln yg ade.. so ktorg turun la bukit kat blok tu.. rentas je ape yg ade.. huhu.. berjaya gk.. tp sgt malang kat tepi jln tu leh lak kaki ni terpeleot. terseliuh.. siap bunyi lg tu.. sakit.. tp jln gk.. ok je ms jln tu.. rs sakit mula2 je.. tp ms nk blk dah terasa sakit blk.. huhu.. so b4 tido wt la seperti yg dsuruh oleh B.. nk urut minyak angin pon xde. ade minyak cap kapak je.. belasah je la.. b4 tdo balut la kaki... patu tgh mlm bgn gi toilet kaki skt sgt.. tp teruskn jln gk.. sedih sgt.. leh lak pk kalau B ade kn bgus.. leh tolong urut kn.. B i need u.. huhu.. tp Alhamdulillah sakitnye sekejap je.. khamis mlm tu dah ok... Ilah pon tekejut sbb dia tgk bngkak mcm teruk.. huhu.. org kuat kn.. hehe...

so far ktorg dah gi pesta konvo 2 x.. tp mmg tak beli ape2 pon. tgk org lain shopping x hengat.. pdhal x la murah sgt pon brg kat c2.. ktorg just beli kerepek RM10 4 bungkus, kopok lekor, cempedak goreng.. huhu.. at least we bought something.. haha.. mcm nk beli blouse tp mcm mhl je.. huhu..

anyway.. congratz to Kak Mala n Aishah yg konvo master today.. smga success sokmo..

some info regarding this 41st Convocation. the convo will be held from today, 16/8 until 20/8.. sgt lama kn.. biasa smpai ari isnin je ni smpai rabu tu.. congratz anyway for those yg convo... pesta konvo will be held from last wednesday until next wedenesday, 20/ sape2 yg nk shopping to msh byk lg ms..ENJOY!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


yeah..its been 2 mcm sgt lama dah tp br 2 bln..mmm...Alhmdllh takat ni ok..x byk gado..mula2 je slalu gado..skng B sgt bz so x smpt nk gado.gpon dia pnt sian la kn..huhu...mcm best je gado kn.. last i got the pix..2 dvds..about 1400 pix..sgt byk kn..sume cantik2 smpai tak taw nk pilih..(msti ade ckp perasan..lantak la kn.dah mmg gmbr cantik2..huhu...) cume x byk gmbr yg blur n zoom tu.. xpe long gmbr cantik malangnye album tak menarik..xpe nti wt lain..nti tu bile la n tak taw nk plh.rmbang mata...

baru upload some photos kat fs..ade dlm 60 keping..tu pon x taw dah nk plh..letak je la..yg tak pnh ade mcm persalinan n outdoor..berarak tu letak gak sbb ade yg request..gmbr sume lebih kurang je..hntaran tu edit nk letak satu2 nti jd byk sgt lak..sekalikan aje..nk upload gk gmbr kat x taw la nk letak gmbr ape..tgk je..enjoy the pix..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy International Lefthanders Day

Yeay!!! Happy International Left-Hander's Day 2008 to all left-handed including myself.. huhu.... today, 13th August 2008 is the 17th annual celebration of left-handers.. Celebrate your right to be left-handed.. here some facts about left-handed.. here we go!!!

Being Left-Handed

No-one has come up with a definitive reason for WHY some people are left-handed, but about 13% of the population around the world are, and it is thought to be genetic - it definitely runs in families. Researchers have recently located a gene they believe "makes it possible to have a left-handed child " so if you have that gene, one or more of your children may be left-handed, whereas without it, you will only have right-handers - sorry! The good news is, that if you are left-handed yourself, you have that gene and will pass it on through the generations!

The way the brain works is incredibly complex, but this simplified explanation will give you some understanding of where our left-hand dominance comes from. The brain is "cross-wired" so that the left hemisphere controls the right handed side of the body and vice-versa and hand dominance is connected with brain dominance on the opposite side - which is why we say that only left-handers are in their right minds!

The left hemisphere (RIGHT HAND CONTROL) controls Speech, Language, Writing, Logic, Mathematics, Science, this is the LINEAR THINKING MODE.

The right hemisphere (LEFT HAND CONTROL) controls Music, Art, Creativity, Perception, Emotions, Genius, this is the HOLISTIC THINKING MODE

Effects of right brain dominance

This brain dominance makes left-handers more likely than right handers to be creative and visual thinkers. This is supported by higher percentages of left-handers than normal in certain jobs and professions - music and the arts, media in general. Left-handers are also generally better at 3-dimensional perception and thinking, leading, for example, to more left-handed architects than normal. Left-handers are also usually pretty good at most ball sports and things involving hand-to-eye co-ordination.
The view that left-handers are clumsy and awkward is not down to their natural abilities, but being forced to use right-handed tools and machinery which is completely back-to-front for them.

Some researchers claim that we are more intelligent and eloquent that our right-handed counterparts. In tests conducted by Dr. Alan Searleman from St Lawrence University in New York, he found that left-handers can be considerably more intellectually gifted.

There were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people - which is the "genius" bracket. This is perhaps why there are more "lefties" in creative professions - such as music, art and writing - and more left-handed astronauts and leaders than would be expected.

To see the initial results of our survey where we investigated a link between being left-handed and the choices people make in work and other activities, click here

proud to be left-handed.. right-handed ade celebration day ke?? to Left Hander's Day 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


tiap org msti ade rahsia tersendiri kan..tak slh ade rhsia.. kdg2 rhsia tu la pnyelamat sesuatu hbgn. yg menyelamatkan maruah seseorg.. tp kalau pecah tembelang sndri mau ingt la.. mmm ni lah topik Hot Chat kat Hot Fm arini... RAHSIA..

about myself, ade gk rhsia ngn parents, fmly yg xde sape pon taw.. dah name pon rahsia mmg xde sape la taw kn.. melainkan yg Maha Mengetahui.. ngn B.. mmmm so far ade ke ek.. mcm ade.. mmm tp mcm xde.. he know everything about me.. dr A smpai zzzzz.. sumer2 dia taw. kisah kehidupan zmn kegelapan dulu hingga la zmn kegemilangan.. gemilang ke?? skng ni wtpe pon btaw.. ym, sms, call, email ngn sape2 pon cite kat B.. sgt jujur kn.. huhu.. so xde la kata nk tipu ke ape.. dosa ngn suami ke.. insyaAllah xde la.. kalau ade pon ittew antara ktorg ber2.. n dosa ngn manusia ni bgantung pd yg telibat la.. kalau dia dah maafkan setel la.. jgn ade yg mandai2 nk jatuhkn hukuman kat org lain lak.. mcm dia taw sgt je.. mcm tuhan je nk ckp org tu dosa ngn org nih... mmm... takat ni B pon btaw everything about his past n current life.. hrp2 tiada rhsia antara kami..

Ok.. back to the radio's topic.. panggilan yg paling hot arini dr sorg lelaki bernama Hakimi or Hakim?? x ingt lak.. dgn selamba dia btaw dia ade 2 awek.. n akn nikah ngn slh sorg dr gf dia tu this friday.. perghhh... sgt selamba.. dia x nk sakitkan ati sape2 pon tp he have to make a decision.. siap mak dia dah taw tp seb baik mak dia mrh.. ade ke ptt soh mak dia sokong dia kwin 2.. mcm mampu je.. huhu.. sudahnye Fara n Faizal tlg call awek yg lg 1 ni (bkn yg nk kwin) n dia btaw gf dia on air yg dia akn kawin opss nikah this friday.. perghhhh... sgt kesian la itu honey @ ain.. dpt rasakn kesedihan pompuan tu.. dia siap ckp "b la lelaki terakhir dlm idop honey" sedihnyee... sbr ek pd sape2 yg alami bnde mcm ni.. berdoa byk2 mnta Allah permudahkan sglanya.. insyaAllah semua yg berlaku ade hikmahnye.. Allah Maha Mengetahui sglnya..

tiap hubungan perlu ade kepercayaan, hormat menghormati n kejujuran.. insyaAllah hubungan akn kekal ke akhirnya.. to all.. smga kite semua jujur dlm ape yg kite lakukan.. respect others to be respected.. percaya n support psgn kite dlm ape yg dilakukan... B... jgn noti2 taw.. luv u alwayzz...

Monday, August 11, 2008

hangat ckt dr biasa..

weekend yg lepas lebih hangat dr x la hangat sgt..hangat ckit je dr biasa..huhu..

juz surfing internet on day time, meanwhile marked NA2 1st assignments..not so bad la depa ni.. ade gk yg dpt fullmark.. last week tutorial the students getting lesser.. as i guess.. tp seb baik ada yg dtg.. see this week lak. hrp2 ade la yg sudi dtg dgr n lihat Pn Azliza ni bebel..huhu..

si kidal tgh marked paper ditemani B..syahdu toi..

actly ilah, ina n me planned to watched SUSUK on evening but was canceled coz of not enough quorum. ina was working n back home late.. so ilah n me went to Tmn U and having dinner at such a damn stall.. the services was sooo damn bad.. pas mkn ktorg gi Jusco, jln2 cari pasal je.. beli jajan n pape tah... when we back to hostel ina already there.. bad ilah cheated bkn ktorg yg mula.. dah ina tnya best x ila pon ape lg mainkn la minah tu. me at that time tgh gayut gelak je. ina x tngkap sbb dia ingt gelak ngn B.. huhu..

yeah...arini ktorg kuar tgk wyg cite SUSUK.. at the 1st place ina had other plan. she was waiting for her bf to return back her car.. tp ktorg pujuk gk dia ikot sbb boring ar kuar dua je.. at last she agreed.. sian kat ktorg yg boring thp dewa ni kot.. huhu... this is our 1st time watched movie together even we had known each other almost 6 years.. huhu..

ila permandu yg berhemah...on da way nih.hehe...

all of us..smpt lg tuh...

b4 msuk panggung ktorg smpt la window shopping n wt peel org xde keje..huhu..ENJOY!!!

me look small beside a big shirt..tu la petua nk nmpk kurus..huhu..

another petua tuk nmpk kurus jgn amik gmbr nmpk gmok cik ina ni..huhu..

dok try kasut tp bkn beli pon bdk 2 org ni..guess mane ina n ila leg..huhu

top view..lelong2 bed set..smlm last day..

about SUSUK..ramai sgt pelakon yg top n best wpon blkon sat2 je..mcm Sofea Jane yg cantik, Aleeza Kassim soo sexy, cmne leh lepas babak tu ek.. Ida Nerina.. Diana Rafar n ramai lg la.. mmg ramai sgt pelakon.. some reviews from us. not bad la citer ni.. tp mcm x berape nk phm sgt... ila ko kn tgk 2x tak kan tak phm kot.. huhu... susah nk cite sbb takot tak kene tgk sndri la..actly this our 1st time watch this movie la ina.. smlm tu ilah kelentong ko je.. hehe.ampun ye.. n mcm ade smbungan dia je nti.. huh.. just wait n synopsis of the movie from Sinema Malaysia..

Beauty has a price. Soraya is a young trainee nurse who is starting to feel disaffected by her life. A chance introduction to the world of glamour piques her earlier ambition to be a star. She does not succeed at first, but she is told that the forbidden practice of susuk can help. She has to make a choice whether to stay the way she is, or cross the line... Meanwhile, Suzana is a prominent diva with an air of mystery. She has long been a practitioner of the black arts due to her use of the extreme susuk keramat. Every time she violates a taboo, a human life is required. We follow the eventful lives of these two women until we get to the true secret of this dreaded charm.

nk cite psl dlm panggung je.. i set in between of them.. ilah asik tutup muka ngn sweater je.. ina lak dok nyorok kat my lengan.. penakot la korg ni.. seb baik la yg dok tgh ni berani ckit.. hoho.. ape2 pon enjoy went out with both of u.. hope we can kuar lg sesame.. slgi my hubby tak melarang la..miss my hubby

Friday, August 8, 2008


pttnye arini ktorg cuti n blk kg.kat umah lak msti tgh ramai makcik2 n nenek kat dapur tolong ape yg patut.. sorg dua sepupu akn tolong dlm bilik utama, kemas ruang tamu. anak2 kecik dok main sesame dorg... semua org sbuk dengan tugas msg2.. yg ktorg pon msti tgh kelam kabut n nerbes.. tp ape kn daya Allah dah aturkan sgalanya..

huhu...guess what?? tu la yg sedang berlaku skrg kalau planned ktorg nk kwin 080808 jd.. tp Allah swt lebih mengetahui.. jodoh kami lebih awal.. Alhamdulillah selesai dah pon...

Arini ramai yg kahwin n tunang.. ye la tarikh cantik kan.. to my fren, Along, selamat bertunang.. smga cpt2 nikah ok.. B jgn jeles wish je..

seperti yg dijangkakan.. "cantik dah tu" B ckp sebaik je tunjuk custom album melalui 3G... " x suke cmni.. kn org dah ckp xnk tulisan2 nih... x phm ke.. xpe la nti dpt dvd kite plh gmbr yg cntik2 n anta kedai wt kn.. cost dlm RM400++ gk taw B.." tp mslh sume gmbar pon cantik2.. tak taw nk plh mane.. huhu.. "ade 10 album kwin kat umah kte pon xpe" Mr Hubby ye kn aje.. dlm ati dia msti ckp "cerewet tol bini aku ni" huhuhu...

keje org boring n xde mood..

arini gi PSZ pnjam buku.. gi opis mula2 bkk la smbil lyn intenet la.. tp rs mcm xde mood je.. rs letih je.. smlm xde la tdo lmbt sgt pon.. bgn pon x la awl.. mcm biasa je.. tp rs mcm sgt boring n lost.. x sms B pon.. dia sms baru reply..mcm tawar ati.. leh tak mcm tu..

B soh beli tket ke KK 12sept. time tu murah lg.. gi blk br RM360.. gpon wt ms ni time tu dia xde ape2 aktvt.. kot2 kalau dia kene belayar burn la tiket tu.. actly org nk sgt gi next week.. tp B ade dinner Jumaat mlm.. org takot tak smpt je jupe B kalau lmbt2. kalau tibe2 B kene gi belayar.. jwbnye bln 12 la baru jupe.. B sll soh org sabar tp org xtaw nape rs lain sgt skng.. (bkn bnde tu taw..taw klau dah kwin msti korg pk tut kn..) dah la jauh.dah tu call n sms pon ssh skng.. org btol2 lost.. seb baik Ina n Ilah sll dtg lepak bilik.. x la boring sgt..

B taw x..smlm zhang tgor org dah dia gelakkn org..dia ngn En Lan pakat2.. ckp laki org jauh mlm2 org dok pandang siling je.. B phm x?? org laki mmg suke ckp bnde unsur ehem2 kn.. org x suka la.. tp wt dek je la.. kalau tnjuk angin nti dorg tkot nk ckp ngn org kn rimau datuk..kak ko taw x rimau datuk tu ape..kat skolah org tak pnh bljar la..mak ckp tu awe ngn mak ibu yg bg.. tp x ksh la as long tak susahkn org kn.. mmm.. kak mala pon ckp org dah kurus..skng ni mmg rs mls nk mkn..mcm susah ati je..huhu..

at last arini dah berjaya print iklan..insyaAllah mlm ni edarkn.. dah email yani ngn kakak pon.. hrp2 dpt smbutan la usaha kami ni.. berusaha dan tawakal.. kalau ade rzki ktorg ade lah.. tp kalau xde bkn rzki ktorg la.redha je..x baik dengki2 taw..

ps:byk tol bebel skng je cara nk lepaskan sedih n boring..i know B will read this when he free..hope he will know my feel towards him..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

custom album

geramnye...nk mengamok xde org nk bebel..B gi mane ni..sms x msuk..dok engine room la tuh. GERAM baru pas amik custom album..kat opis kolej...soh Kak T pos je..leceh sgt nk jupe..ok truskan citer..patu bkk kotak album tu and tgk cover depan blkng album...WOW cantik...



bkk la helai demi helai..smpai muka surat last rs mcm nk jerit..nape sumer gmbr persalinan..mane gmbr outdoor ktorg yg cantik2..apesal la sengal sgt..sticky album dah letak persalinan, custom x yah la letak lg...mmg sengal betol la..eee...rugi je rs..aritu yeye je puji last ni je hasilnye.... mcm ni baik xyah custom album hokkay...anak abang long, si anis yg sekolah lg tu lg cantik gmbr dia amik..ade blur n zoom... baru nmpk pro...what the hell la.. Kak ti n husband, kalau tak pndai gi kelas ok..sori to say la kalau ckp org kuang ajar ke what ever.. i spent a lot of RM on this album.. then dpt something like hell..maybe pd org lain dah cantik la for expectation sgt tinggi la ikot byrn.. dah la soh pos dvd pon terhegeh2..xleh pk ke..msuk je la cd tu dlm kotak album..nak cekik darah je keje.... dah la payment aritu ckp lain then time nk amik ckp lain..ktorg byr yg sptutnye je..yg lbh tu terpaksa byr n kalau korg tipu mmg x halal la wei..series..

ooo sat gi ade la yg bunyi bdk ni kurang ajar..lantak ko la bkn duit ko yg kuar pon..tak menyusahkan korg pon... hrp2 dpt cd nti gmbr ok n cukup amount dlm 1400 pix.. kalau tak mmg kene kutuk la gamaknye..

lets see what they had done which taken soo long..sila ambil perhatian!! this pix was taken by myself..softcopy xdpt lg..gpon softcopy xde gmbr yg dah edit..semua bhn mentah lg..enjoy!!! *sigh*

1st n 2nd-nikah~peach peace..

3rd and 4th-persalinan mlm~in maroon

5th and 6th-mlm berinai ~sanggul lintang..

7th n 8th-persalinan~black cheongsam
9th n 10th-persalinan~green korean

11th and 12th-persalinan~red kimono

13th n 14th-persalinan~pink balkis
15th n 16th-persalinan~punjabi
17th n 18th-berarak~ntah ape2 tah
19th n 20th-ntah ape2 lg..
ok la dr xde kn..ayat menyedapkan ati sndri..hrp2 kat kelantan nye cantik..x la kecewa sgt..daaaa

hows life without him??

tonight is the last nite hubby sleep at KD Pahang..yeah that is his ship's name.yeke..tibe2 mcm x sure lak.huhu...for this time laa..tak taw lg bile B kene tido sana lg..msti ade lg punye..he will training on the ship for 4 months until Dec 2008..

these 3 days make me sooo sad...b4 this, at this time we just end the call n preparing to sleep..but these 3 days he went to bed at more 1 hour n half conversation..ade la call but juz a little conversation.he called me b4 wt he call?? pemeriksaan mlm?? at 1930.chatted about 10 to 20 mnts.and wait for his sms.about 2100 br la ade sms..sgt bz kn jejaka ini..if he have a free time after pemeriksaan mlm then he will called me..but at 2240 he start felt sleepy n asked my permission to go to sleep..felt pity to him, i just let him go..he woke up at 5am..sana subuh awl..

b4 this, on the morning he always woke me up with SMSs, calls, or
video calls n saw my sepet mata yg baru bukak..taik mata pon ade lg..huhu.but now even 1 sms pon sgt susah...his 1st sms was at 10am or luckily at more call in opis hour..juz pity huh??

sometimes rs mcm nk merajuk mcm xde org peduli pn..but i have to be pro...he on duty not bersuka ria berdangdut bagai..i have to understand his work, his situation n try to adapt with his situation..skg ni seb baik la dia leh sms wpon xleh sms n call sll mcm day when he on board, hows my life without his sms or i will survive without him..even though skng pon im living without him but its enough if i could hear his voice or receive sms from him, shows he in a good condition..when the days am i??

ok la sweety...B msti dah dibuai mimpi..smga mimpi indah taw..jgn mimpi yg menakutkan lak..make sure bc surah2 yg spttnye b4 tdo spya kite sntiasa dilindungi...luv u sweetheart..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


*Sigh* dunia mmg nk terbalik da..benda yg dilarang itu lah yg org suka buat..nape ekk..dah ada anak bini or anak suami still nk ade scandal ngn org lain kat luar… tulah topic Hot Chat pg smlm (05082008) kat Hot FM.. SCANDAL.. perghh… ape la nk jd ngn manusia skng.. tak ingat dosa pahala ke, at least ingat anak2 kat umah..

Yg sedihnya bile yg terlibat ngn hubungan terlarang ni both married..msg2 pon ade prob ngn spouse msg2.. ade mslh nape tak settle ngn psngn gi tmbah mslh lg ade la..i had read somewhere long time ago,
when u have a problem with ur spouse don’t u ever share or tell the problem with someone which in opposite sex..
soooo dangerous..from sympathy the feel can change to love.. find a person in a same sex, which u trusted.. or just share with siblings..

Teringat lak a case of my proud of her when she was in trouble with her husband, she shared with me, even though I cant help anything..but I can be a good listener n just gave some advices..n I hope her husband will taking care of their fmly..miss u la my dear Yong..same goes to Yanie.. but she's single dont mind la kalau cr kwn laki..huhu... of my friend..i hate this type of 1st she juz befriend with a fiancĂ© of someone..i told her, “ko nak kawan xpe..jgn nti ade feeling dah la.”“Xde la dia nk kwin dah July ni” she that time lg 2 bulan that guy nak kwin…and guess what..after I back from cuti kawin, she told me that she fall in love with that guy..both of them fall each other…ms tu lg 2 or 3 weeks the guy will nikah..gile ke x giler…and I was a happiest person when she kantoi with her her boyfren sgt la baik ati accept blk bdk tu…kalau laki lain dah kene tinggal da weeiii..tu kalau wt hal lg tak taw la..this scandal couple still keep contact even after the guy married..but lately they got quarrel n don’t contact each other..i hope they will lost forever..x baik kacau umah tangga org..kalau org wt kat kite mcm la perasaan bini org tu..msti sedih kalau taw laki dia mcm tu..

Ok…from the callers..all of them which entangle in scandal got less concern or care from their spouses..the spouse is a all the time n don’t spent a time with fmly even on weekend..try la to understand a spouse’s work..we marrying with her/him, we also have to marry with her/his trying my best to understand my hubby's job although it soo hard..

Actly I had many experience around me with this topic, but I hope whose involved with this problem please stop this illegal relation b4 this thing will destroy ur life..n I hope they are not doing anything yg jatuh hukum dosa la kalau org dah kwin ni mmg sgt bijak berkata2 n berpengalaman…lg2 kalau x dpt lynn..gersang..huhu

Some advices for them, also to myself n hubby, if we had a problem don’t keep it by ourself..face to face with the spouse n discuss from heart to heart..biar la time tu nk gado ke ape tp at least kite taw ape yg kurang n tak puas ati..after that try to do our best to make our fmly live blissfully..jgn main ckp belakang n ngadu kat org lain but another side tak taw ape yg xkene..taw2 je name busuk n org lain pndg rndh kat dia.berbincang n perbaiki kelemahan..most important thing is don’t forget ALLAH.. solat n berdoa la.. smbhyang tu kn tiang agama.. insyaAllah Allah sntiasa ingat hmba yg mengingatiNya.. ejau mcm jd ustazah dah skng ni..fullstop

Monday, August 4, 2008


mmm..x dpt lg album..blk last week x smpt jupe kak ti..tensen sungguh..sia2 je xpela..dpt jupe mak, ayah..mnja2 ngn mak..maman jgn jeles arrr..mkn mskn mak..udang smbal..syiok wooo..wpon xleh mkn tp bedal gk.patu mkn la ubat..huhu...nk gi central hafiz, adik sedara anta ngn awek dia..mmm nk soh kak ti post dia cas lain lak..gpon dia tgh bz tak taw bile leh post..nk dlm minggu ni gk klau leh..lama sgt dah...

arini Mr Hubby start naik kapal..whats ur ship's name dear?? x ingat la..kapal tu prob ckit so xleh blayar..B dok kapal tgk n belajar ape yg patut..mainly about the engine..belajar rajin2 year leh naik b kene kurung dlm kapal for 3 days starting seb baik la ade line..leh sms n tak rncak sgt coz he sooo training place, but still at KK, n he have to learn n adapt himself..skng b dok bilik bujang ngn Bell n Pari..hope everything will be ok with ur roommates..

yeah..good news is he asked me to go to KK next week..yeehaaa..but not confirm yet..tak mo la hepi sgt nti tak jd gi kiciwa lg..hrp2 this time jd la jupe..maybe the 1st n last we meet b4 pity huh?? nk wt mcm mane..ktorg bkn cop duit leh jupe every week..kalau takat Lumut - JB leh la...huhu...

B..keje leklok taw..jg diri n kesihatan tuh.get enaf sleep n rest..joli, joli gk tp solat jgn tinggal.wt sit up biar perut tu kempis ckit ni mcm org preggy je..huhu.i love u so muchh.muaahhh...

Friday, August 1, 2008


mak sll pesan kalau siang ari gembira sgt nti mlm lain yg jadi..mmm..tu la yg berlaku pd dr ku ini...huhu..ape yg jd ???
x la teruk sgt tp rugi gk la RM14.60...
duit ape tu???
tu la nilai tmbang bus dr JB ke Melaka..ade phm???
x phm lg??
kene beli tiket lain sbb dah kene tinggal ngn bus..huhu...arini dlm sejarah tol..xpnh2 kene tinggal wpon slmba je gerak lmbt..share ngn KKKL tu dah kene lelong kot...sampai ati...

waaaa sedihnya...xtaw nape sedih sgt..bkn sbb kene tinggal bus..nehi.nehi...mmg smnjak 2 ni cpt tol sedih..rndu org yg jauh di mata~tp dkt di hati..InsyaAllah...

rndu B yg akn start trainig lain minggu dpn..msti dok atas kapal je wpon x blyar..nk kene repair kpl n blajar psl kapal tu..susah la nk sms..1st oct ade possibility b gi blayar ke Korea..ya Allah..Kau kuatkan la ati hambaMu ini..yg dekat ni pon tak tertanggung kn pulak sana je mau mkn ms blk 2bln la..tu atas kpl..ade line x..cmne nk sms..nk 3G lg..huuuuu..sedih..cmne idop tnpa B.msti sunyi..
rndu mak n ayah yg suke sakat wt yg lain mrh n senyum sndiri~ktorg yg geram dgr n tgk.. abg gg yg lbh prihatin kat adik yg lain, kak iza yg~ingt la psn org aritu..huhu.., azief yg botak~geramnye kat takcik niii, ijai yg sgt protective, ajim yg suke nyakat, maman yg syg org lain dr org..huhu...along hasri xleh rndu..bhya..laki org tuu...
nape sdh bile teringat semua..ati kosong...rindu...adekah org je yg rndu n ingt yg lain..huuu...b pon mcm x ksh je x jupe..betol2 lost...*sad*

td YM ngn Ras..after dia taw keadaan ktorg yg PJJ~perkahwinan jarak jauh, dia ckp "kau mmg tabah. smga jd isteri mithali" mudah2an Ilah dtg dia ckp "mmg la..isteri navy mmg tabah.." tabah ke ejau? br tuhan uji ckit, dgn cacian org yg jiwa kacau, dah xleh kwl amarah..biar la..smga Allah bukakan pntu ati mereka utk berubah...

td ade somebody tglkn msg kat shout out blog..sape kah dia..x taw la plak..then bkk la blog dier..wooo..wife of navy also..ade la bc blog dia ckit sbb nk taw siapa dia..hi PN EPI..slmt bknalan..may be kite leh jd fren once my hubby n i pndah Lumut, tu pon if u both ade sana lg la..ok lets continue..mmm x sngup nk baca blog dia abis2..takot nti sedih sndri..keadaan kami lbh kurang sama.but she's lucky..leh gk dok ngn husband wpon laki sll out 2 weeks only we spent time together...mber yg dgr sume ckp "siannye ko" sgt kesian.but who's care..apekan daya..ini plhn kami..ktorg kene lalui dgn tabah...smga dgn kejauhan ~ wujud ke perkataan ni~ kami akn lbh bljar menghargai dan memahami each other..
Tiap org Allah akn uji ikot kemampuan msg2..tak perlu menangisi ape yg terjadi kerana tiap yg terjadi Allah janjikn dgn yg lbh baik.tak perlu mengungkit kerana ape yg telah terjadi msti ade hikmahnya.itu kuasa dan ketentuan Nya..kite hnya manusia yg lemah yg hnya mampu Allah jua yg tentukan segalanya..tabah la wahai hati dlm mghadapi ranjau idop ini..pjlanan msh jauh dan mcm2 yg perlu kt tempuhi kelak..smga Allah tetapkn ati kite dgn iman, penuhi ati kite dgn kasih syg yg berpanjangan..

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