Friday, February 1, 2008

~engagement..almost 2 months..

Ermmm..the pict tells everything. I had engaged on 1/12/2007 at Malacca around 830pm, same day with his convocation and my cousin’s reception..sooo... many many problems had occurred towards the ceremony and also during the engagement day itself.*sad*and Alhamdulillah everything had settled although not smoothly as planned..legaaa...and today genap mcm dah lama je...

This, me with my mom n my only sister, which had given birth a cute baby boy..almost 2 weeks..I never see the baby yet. Thanks you sooo much to my family which had done all out for my engagement although I know they were very tired with my cousin’s reception b4..
And now let me introduce my hensem and gagah perkasa fiance..Mohd Yusairi B. Mohd Yusoff..hehe..B..thanks a lot for take me as I am.jg I molek taw.. ni gmbr dier konvo..very sad kalau teringat..waaaa

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