Friday, February 15, 2008

Proposed at LDP

A proposed thing..Yesterday 14/2/2008, a crazy man had threw away his money juz bcos he want to propose his girlfriend..want to know how it happened? this is the penglipulara lak.hehe..yesterday is Valentine's Day right?..for those yg celebrated Islam takleh smbut taw.then this couple going out,dating, eating, bla bla bla.. n lalu highway LPD..area Damansara tuu..then the man stopped and soh awek dier tgk kat billboard kat tepi highway tu..guess what? on a big billboard tu ade tulis "WILL U MARRY ME?" taw tak bape rege utk iklan tu..RM40000..gilak ah..after that, that man take out n give a ring worth RM14000..mak ank sape yg bzr duit ni..giler amount juz for proposed exceed RM54000.kalu kwin bape juta la abis..adoi la..mmg kaya bgt laki tak taw la couple ni malay or very sweeeetttttt kn..???? kite ni pnh dilamar ke eh.. mcm tak je..tup2 tunang dah..dah tunang leh ke dilamar lg eh..kalu leh i wish i'll get surprise proposal too..huhu..

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