Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Percintaan yg tak disangka

Today hot chat topic at hot.fm. Very very unexpected when one of a caller named Kak Zai admitted she had fall in love again while her status is still ‘somebody’s wife’. Nauzubillahminzalik.. Can u believe it? Nowadays a woman also ‘main kayu III’.

In this case she, 41, had in love with a man age 23 years old for almost 1 year and no body knows about the scandal. Pity her husband and kids. She also admitted her family live blissfully. So why she became like that? Whose fault? Who should be blame? She said when she ran away from the guy, the guy sent her a lyric of Ungu’s song. Cinta dalam hati..

Tu la pompuan, tak leh kene puji ckit, tak leh ckp manis2 ckit dah ber
ada diawangan..fly..fly..and fly..Tak sedar rumah kata pi..kubur kata mai.. it’s not wrong but must know the limit. Don’t toooo follow the heart. Ikut ati mati ikot rasa binasa. Pandainye ckp.skng ni pon ikot ati je..*sigh*

At the age we should focus on our family and ‘amal’ but majority of us run after worldly. Ape nk jd la..Minta dijauhkan la..amiinnnnn..ni lirik cinta dlm hati yg wt makcik tu angau sakan...
Unexpected love.i also experienced this..when I was in form 4 my classmate, RKARI had proposed me to become his girlfriend but I don’t give him any answer until we finished SPM.

Then I entered KMPP and he at Perak. We still contact each other and he still waiting for my answer. And at last I gave him my answer..guess what? I rejected him on my besday..why? it’s because he came from country we girl don’t like mossttt..jahat kan..

and NOW, GOD give me ‘someone’ which came from a same country as him..padan muka ku ini..huhu…but I never regret taking him to be a part of my life..we will go through everything ~ sadness + happiness together. That’s our promise!!

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