Thursday, May 15, 2008

not more than 30days..

wooo..cptnye ms berlalu..kurang sebulan lg ktorg akn diikat sbgai suami ister..cuak..berdebar2 gk la klu teringat bnde ni..takooott..huhu...

so far, everything was sailing smoothly..kebenaran nikah from his side dah dpt..this weekend will going home n settled the permohonan nikah..also look for a new bed..hrp2 xmhl sgt la..bajet dah lari dah ni..tertekan cek..

i also will start distribute the invitation card this week..yg mane dekat leh la bg by hand..yg jauh2 post je..yg kat kl tu klu smpt leh jupe sori guys klu tak smpt i'll post the card.this week have an appointment with Eon n Eja..lama xjupe bestfren..hope this relation will never end alto we married..

YEAY...we had bought a flight ticket to KK..yuhuu...we will go for honeymoon there..juz for some days..4days n 3nites may be..syoknye..tak sabar..a honeymoon at Cameroon cmne ek? not sure jd ke x..pokai la ktorg nti..huhu...actly i dont mind about Cameroon bcos we can go there anytime..but to KK its difficult for us to go there accept this time bcos he work there..until end of this is my chance to go there..SABAAHHHH..wait for me...hehe..SABAH or hubby actly???

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