Monday, January 21, 2008

'Hantaran' for him

1day n 2 fast.the time we had spent together..not enaf..the time is jeles wif us..menci taw..sbtu 19012008 we went to the store TUTA and bought POLO pants and shirt with 30% less..thanks 4 my brother-in-law member's card..klu tak diskaun 20% je..jimat manyak woo..this is my hensem fiance in fitting room trying a new pants..yeah..a shirt he wore is an engaged gift..PLAYBOY..u jgn jd playboy lak..huhu..after found those things we looked for a usual he very demanding..asked for Dr CARDIN.. we found that brand but the design and price are not satisfied him..very cheap and old fashion..nsb la my budget besar noo..then we went to angsana..and this pict is a pict of org takde keje in the car..on the way to angsana
we entered all the wed boutique..juz survey the package, a dress but we look forward to a gown, bunga telur, hiasan hantaran and the wedding door gift.for the door gift the price are affordable tp very common.dah biasa sgt org bg..dok pikiaq nk bg ape utk teman rpt n sedara..ade ms nti try survey kat Nilai 3 of the boutique have a very lawa gown.*loveliness*..tak smpt nk snap gown tu lak..we both like that gown.the price to rent the gown is rm280 not included male clothes.kalu kat kl takde yg lawa sewa je la kat c2..*wink* then we continued our main point came to angsana..looking for Dr CARDIN..and finally i bought him the latest design with the socks..and the total amount i spent on that day is RM394.41 for 4 items..thats all are for my wedding 'hantaran'. although dont know the date yet but we are preparing month we will meet at KL to buy my goods..i will demanding as well..hehe..

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