Thursday, January 24, 2008

~new born~

Yesterday 23rd January, a hindu celebrated Thaipusam and our family had a new born baby boy, our first nephew also our parents first grandchild and named as Muhammad Hezri Azief B. Mohd Hasri, 3.04kg..semangat kn.. He was born around 6pm at HUKM.. Her due was early of Feb but my sister was admitted in the ward the day before (22/1) and berjuang selama sehari..lama tuuu.. Everyone was waiting for her at the la..1st cucu kn..of cos la everyone became so excited. I’m going back to KL on 1st Feb to shopping some goods and maybe continue the holiday until CNY. Then br leh tgk my nephew tu. Tak sbrnye nk tgk my 1st anak buah..msti cute as his parents.*wink*. And from now on I’m called as mak lang..huhu.. Aunty lah.. everybodyyyy…nenek, atok, paklong, hezri’s parents, myself, pakcik, pakteh, paksu..we became older with our own don’t be so matured..sedar2 la ckit yee..

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