Tuesday, January 22, 2008


huhu...seday...td bkk webpage The Ladies Team..i thought wanna ask they to quote kn package yg ade..but unfortunately...the date we planned is fully booked.tensi taw..patu email a few photographers and asked the quotation..waiting for the reply la..n also ym two of mak andam.. very disappointed la..kak munie ni make up je without clothes..skali make up she charges rm250 if nikah n sanding on a same day added rm100 utk touch up..but if nikah n sanding on different day so multiply with 2 la..then klu mjlis kat melaka she cas rm200 for travel..penginapan??.. tak taw la cmne dier cas..tp also fully booked...mencii...this all ur fault..pyh bgt nk decide tarikh..menci la..ingt keje senang ke lg maw bg tarikh last minit..hopefully i will get the best on my big day..

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