Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy or Sad

rite this moment..i juz confuse.donno how to react..either i should feel sad or happy with the news..its all about my big day.maybe the day will postpone until someday.after raya, or end of this year..or maybe next year..*sigh*.. its all bcoz of the bengong of his authority..started last Tuesday their status are changed from Course Officers to Training Officers..all TO are not allowed to get married while still in training..they have to complete the training 1st..bongokss sgt..ape pgwai2 tu dtgkn mslh ke klu kawin..can they pregnant? unless a lady, they have a possibility to pregnant in training after acceptable la if they all are jate2 tu tak mendatangkan mslh pon klu depa stuuppiiiiddddd.. we never know when is the perfect time..his abah must be happy body can control his son yet.huhuhu.i dont care..i'll control him..also my parents..tgh ralit lyn cucu msti pnt+mls nk uruskan my wedding..speaking of which..actually im glad to heard the news.i have much more time to spend with my family especially a new born im having more time to make $$$$ n survey for the wedding..

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