Saturday, March 1, 2008

Met old fren

Date: 29th February 2008
Time: 12 pm - 2pm
Place: Giant Pulai, Jusco Tmn U

I met my old fren, Noorafizah kassim and familiar as fiza kassim. We were in the same class since standard 4, I guess.. I’m not so sure bcoz she seems not exposed herself that year. but for sure we were together in standard 5 but we were not closed. She was known because always fought with Zaid, our classmate, and always performed at class party. At secondary we still in the same class until form 3 and the beginning of form 4, before I transferred to Muar. These years we were closed but not so closed because she has other closed frens from other class, which are her neighbours. I don’t mind. I really have no closed fren or bestfren until now. Only the girl I knew at Muar that I luv soOO much. She’s being my bestfren ever. But she’s married so we cant joli sakan, plus we are apart..huhu…sedihnyee..
This small girl..she smaller than me as assistant merchandiser at HQ AEON..JUSCO tuu..and she came to Johor for visit the stores. So we grab this opportunity to meet each other because I’m seldom going home, once a month or maybe twice a month in these coming months for settle my thingy. Tu pon blk Malacca je byk I can never meet my frens, my luv Siti Nur Huda Maisa and kids. Tak sempat.but I’ll meet them before the day to invite them and to make sure they’ll come..ok back to the topic..huhu..this girl will join the 'tunangan org' group next week..9/3/08..she will engage with somebody from kempas johor. I dono this man but I hope she will patient, the guy will change and everything will be ok..hurmm..its all a fate..ALLAH knows who and what’s better for His servants..

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