Tuesday, April 8, 2008

fitting wedding dresses

choose and try a wedding dresses..actly there are 4 dresses..tp yg songket tu mls nk sarung balik..mula2 pakai ketat gilerr..pas org tu bkk jhtn mls dah nk pakai..huhu...

a gown is kak ja's choice..seb baik cantekk...tp seksaa..in the middle tu actly nk white colour tp xde sbb anta laundry..so try je la yg tuh..same pattern..will wear for berarak.mengelobos tuu..

the last is future MIL's choice..not bad gak la..ngam2 je size dier..i want green colour tp takde yg lawa.. future MIL love green too..but there are no cun design la...

these dresses will wear at Kelantan on mjlis smbut menantu..but we dont decide when it'll be held..either b4 berarak or after that..

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