Thursday, April 17, 2008


fuhh...juz met Droy for mock presentation.actly its not a mock presentation, juz a lil discussion.discussion?? i dont think so.juz asked his opinion and comment on my proposal..not so bad la..

after that i asked him about my panel.n he said it could be PM Zamani, Dr Adi or Hj Yahya or its marine's lecturer..fuhhh...i though the panels are not necessary from marine department, maybe from fluid or other department, which might be expert about the project..

i feel sooo relief..but not sooo relief when i knew Droy might be there on my presentation day..argghhh..cek malu la ngn beliau...nape beliau nk attend lak nihh...huhu..

after finished the discussion i went to counter 1 at FKM, which is Postgraduate counter..n asked the 'penjaga counter' who's my panels..soo surprised when she said Droy proposed Hj Yahya n PM Zamani as our (me nYogi) panels..oh GOD..what should i say actly?? "Oh GOD thank u bcos give me these panels.." or should be "Oh GOD why them??" i am a 1st presenter for the 1st session, 21st april should start at 830am at FKM..

actly PM Zamani is my PSM's supervisor..he dont really agreed when i told him that i want to do a master..he preferred me to work 1st.for him doing master only for somebody who want to be a lecturer.but he really appreciate my research skills, so he reserved a job as RO for his project for me.but unfortunately i got a master's offer and rejected him..sooo

Hj Yahya is expert in ship building, and PM Zamani is in management but i wonder if they are also expert in least they know something..then i cant kelentong..
afraid if their questions will make me lost words..added Droy also could be i cant kelentong..malu la ngn this Droy..why ha??? GOD please help me!! hope everything will cruise smoothly..

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