Friday, April 18, 2008


this 5th annual was held at UTM Lake at 830am..18042008..its 1st for me watching the race..actly this is one of the project of SMK3332.. students are ordered to build a boat using cardboard and tested in UTM Lake today..this time the students are divided into 14 groups..4 groups are ATMA's students and others are PERDANA's..

this pix showed some panels judging the design of the boat...and students did last preparations b4 its launched by Droy.

the race began..everybody help to put the boat into water before one of team member sail the boat..tol ke ayat ni??

some were sailing even thought not soo smoothly..and some were collapse in the beginning of the race...huhu

yeay..we have a winner..from ATMA..congratz guyz..miss my ex-ATMA..smpt lg tuhh...

me and Dian..while waiting the race look older la...getting older..huhu...

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