Thursday, April 10, 2008

away to KK..

sedih bgt..yesterday i cried like crazy but today i cried not so heavy..just a little.but dont know la tonite i'll be extra crazy..huhu...rite now, at this moment..we are apart.much much more apart.we are separated by South China Seas..he now at KK, Sabah..

B: Da gerak. Nk terbang da 9:23am 10/4/08

B: Ayg wtpe. B da smp kt lpangan terbang kk da 11:54am 10/4/08

huhu..that was a sms from him..huhu..the flight was taken 2 hours and 30 mnts from KLIA to KK...diriku ini sgt teruja je bila dia ckp naik flight..hahaha.mklum la org tak prnah naik lg..naik yg x gerak ade la..tu pon ms zmn knk2 kat TUDM kuantan..B..wait for me ok..i'll be there soon..but im not sure how soon..hehe..

oppsss..b4 im forgotten..he gave me a was his 1st present for me..oh really?? as i said a present must wrapped properly..hehe..b4 this everything he gave never thats not a present juz a gives..ape beza present ngn gives kn..hehe...

jengjengjeng!!! this is the present..a wallet..nini said, "ni wallet jantan la"..huhu..what can i do..dah org bg..then she added, "ape la mat yie ni bg wallet jantan"..
its he know i dont like a woman wallet yg lipat 3 and have a button, also a purse yg pjg its after put everything into this new wallet..mmm..kembung cembung giler jdnya.nk selit dlm poket suar pon mcm x syok je..n i thought i should use a handbag..but it still ok if i juz put it in my pocket..biar la gmok poketku dr bwk handbag..huhu..

sad to say good bye to my old wallet..i used it about 4years taw n its still ok..tak koyak lg pon..but it looks like kanak2 ribena punye future SIL had said my wallet front of me taw.actly she thought it was her bro's. jahat kan org ittew..huhu...

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