Monday, July 14, 2008


watched this movie with my beloved hubby at KK..we had a late night show.xde la nk tgk sgt cite ni tp sbb dah lama ktorg tak tgk wyg so ktorg layaannnn je la..gpn xterigin pn nk tgk cite lain yg at that time tgh tyg gk mcm Wanted, ape lg la kesannye akibat tidak menonton pn lama x dgr..huhu..sgt dasyat..but at least taw gk prkembangan smsa..tq 4 my mr penceramah bebas.miss u so much laa..*wink*

ok! back to the topic, below is the synopsis of the story.stories actly cos in this movie have 3 different nk explain cite sape yg tak tgk lg tgu je la cd/dvd kuar next month maybe..

Three individuals in the city learn a meaning of love, loss, and loneliness in this romantic drama.

Adam, a successful young chef, expends his energy in creating confectionery masterpieces for weddings, yet has still to find his own bride. then there is Sufi, who each day runs for miles in an attempt to outrun the memories of his dead wife. Finally, there is Imaan, a young playwright who discovers that theater is a stage of where her past is finally resolved and her future is unveiled.

All three strangers are inevitably linked to a single dramatic moment that transforms their lives forever.

and below is the casts..pelakon lama yg mmg dah ade name n lakonan marbeles..tak kurang gk pelakon br..afdlin looks so boroi..dulu tak mcm tu kn..n sgt suke Vee yg smkin cntikk..ank 2 tu body maintain..lakonan pn bgus..

some reviews for the movie..for me which watched with my hubby, and at that time we were in honeymoon mood, this movie doesnt gave us any feel..huhu..mmg sedih tp tak smpai menitis air mata klu sape2 yg sedang kecewa maybe tak patut tgk cite ni tkot bnjir dlm panggung..huhu...but 1 of the plot yg ktorg rs mcm very stupid was Supi part..ade ke soh a wife of someone ikot dia..yg pompuan, lakonan Ija, (xingt ape watak dia) pn sengal gk melayan laki lain walhal ko ade suami..ishh..mmg realiti mcm tu skng ni..mnta dijauhkan la..another 2 stories tu ok la..yg Imaan's story tu membuatkan ktorg "ooo..patut la pakwe dia mcm tu" pas kuar dr panggung..psycho tol..

also a review from a fren of mine, Ina..dia ckp ok tp tak sebest Cinta (pengarah yg sama). no komen sbb tak tgk cite Cinta..tgk pon ms ade siar kat tv tu pon tak dpt tgk abis sbb dok tukar2 this minah menangis dgn hebat..huhu..poyo la ko Ina..1 more thing.the songs pn sedap gk..sedih la, tu yg nangis mber tu..huhu...

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