Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Honeymoon @ Sabah

Yeay..nk story psl honeymoon ckit..huhu..our 1st planned nak ke cameroon was cancelled but we went somewhere farther but still in Malaysia..huhu..we went to Kota Kinabalu and stayed there for 4 days n 3 nights..our flight was departed on 26th Jun 2008 from LCCT at 1710 and arrived at T2 KK about 1940.. dlm flight ktorg mkn nasi lemak yg paling mhl pnh ktorg mkn..huhu..RM8.. lapar sgt sbb x smpt mkn kat umah.. ujan gerimis menyambut ketibaan ktorg.a fren of my hubby was waiting with his car which we used to rent for 4 days.. for the 1st day (26/6) we went no where.. from T2 we juz straight away to Tune Hotel and tapaw a McD.. so tired to walk so juz ordered the meal through drive through.. had a McD as a dinner in a room, watched tv, surfed an internet using free wifi which is provided by the hotel.. a good thing is the staff doesn’t know the wifi services are ready for use. so we got the services foc..yuhuu..
27 June 2008
We checked out at 11am..the time we suppose to check out is 10am.soo early..earlier than other hotels. normally the check out time is at 12pm or 1pm..tu ar B..booked without asked them the in and out time.. seb baik tak kene cas lebih..huhu..the planned for today is going to Kundasang..but we went to 1Borneo first, a new shopping complex which is nearby the hotel.they share the car park actly..we bought a lot of foods to bring to Kundasang and had a lunch at Bintang Lagenda Restoran, if im not mistaken la..this restoran sells a nasi campur n mskn kg..the total expensed for a lunch included drinks were about RM21..for two ok..quite expensive la..B introduced me a drink which we cant found at Peninsular, called kit chai ping (limau nipis + asam boi)..not soo bad la..sedap gk masam n manis..

After full the stomachs we started our travel to Kundasang and it took about 2 hours..smpai tertido ceq..bengang je abe..woke up n ate jajan and slept again..sorry my dearest..huhu…we arrived Kundasang at about 3pm and checked in at The Cottage Hotel, had a rest n started berjalan2..went to rose garden which also have cactus garden inside..also went to Kundasang War Memorial..we were the last visitors..maybe the only visitors I guess..huhu..its Friday huh..jln2 n posing2 then went back to 6pm the day start dark there..we went no where at night..juz surfed internet at hotel and slept early bcos need to wake up early the next day..

28 June 2008
Bgn seawal pg juz to look the top of the Kinabalu Mount by ourselves..Alhamdulillah the weather was good and we can saw the top of Kinabalu Mount..if late the possibility to see the top of the mount is so small bcos it will covert by the clouds..we checked out from the hotel at noon n dropped by the Strawberry Garden at Kundasang, n naik Jambatan Gantung Tamaparuli on da way back to KK we juz shopped some souvenirs and pearls..and had a seafood (lobster, crab, fish-dont know the name and cuttlefish) at the back of the shops for dinner..pas mkn ktorg msuk SPA n urut kaki..lega ckit..pnt jln woo..n blk hotel start tergaru2..gatal 1 bdn..seb baik dah stand by ubat..huhu..we stayed at Tune Hotel again..n b4 back to hotel we booked a movie Sepi ticket at the nearby cinema (inside of 1Borneo) was so long we both don’t watch movie together..

29 June 2008
We already knew the check out time of this hotel then we checked out early. Furthermore we planned to go to Jeti n have a Hop Islands so we have to move faster.from the hotel to Jeti we dropped by at tmpt keje B, UMS and masjid atas air (im not agree if it called masjid terapung coz its not terapung at have piles too)..and unfortunately we cant joint the hop islands..if we want to join a hop islands for 3 it may takes 5 hours and will end at flight to KL was 510 we decided to go to Pulau Manukan only..the fees are RM17 per that time la..i heard the fees will be increase..n it was our luck when we went to Pulau Sapi too..Alhamdulillah byk tol rezeki ktorg..sgt syg when we cant joint any water sport bcoz of the time limitation.tgk ikan n batu karang yg cantik2 je la..and im so grateful to be there n spent the whole holiday with my hubby..when we arrived at jeti we met Mak Ngah Ati n fmly..they juz bought a ticket to Pulau Manukan at that time..we juz had a little chatted bcos my hubby n I had other place to go..we shopped some more souvenirs and rushed to T2..sooo sad with the separation but we have to!! seb baik la dah biasa berjauhan so tak la sedih sgt..on flight pon tak nangis sgt..ngalir sikit je air mata ni..huhu..i love u Yusairi..cant wait to meet u again on end of this month insyaAllah…
ps:utk gmbr yg lbh clear leh tgk kat fs..tq..

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RieDa eiDayu said...

Salam dear, I'm going to Sabah in January. Can I have the contact number of your hubby's friend because I would like to rent the car while I'm in Sabah. TQ!

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