Tuesday, July 29, 2008

researcher, student n tutor...and wife!!!

gmbr apekah di atas?? huhuhu..arini ari ke-2 pas subuh tak tido blk..konon2 rajin la tu study..i have a class at 4pm..smbil2 wt revision main tenet..sudahnye amik je skema jwpn yg dah ade..nsb la kalau kene soal kang pndai2 la kelentong..the most important thing is confident!!! these are the stories....

huh..i thought i dont have to take a Naval Architecture 2 (NA2) tutorial class for this semester ANYMORE.. unfortunately, my supervisor, PM DR Omar B Yaakob (full name lg tu..geram punye psl!!) asked me to take his class this semester.AGAIN..if i were not met him yesterday then i must be saved... yeke..he must searching 4 me, call opis or sms me..huhu...

oppsss..please hoccay..im not repeat NA2 subject.i already took this subject when doing my degree..lulus dgn bergayanye lg..oh really??? huhuhu... i have to be a tutor without pay.. he told me the allowance are included the tutor job.. but its not fair!!! Yogi (Indonesian, another master student supervised by DROY) dont have to teach any class..he will just take charge of the examinations. n both of us will mark the exam paper as usual..

actly i met DROY yesterday to discuss about my project progress..he not settled my problem but added a new question which i have to think about very very HARD..the time is just around the corner..our target are to build a model after raya n we have to decide the suitable materials n components to be used as soon as possible, on Sept may be..then we can order n purchase what are needed..

in the middle of the discussion, while i was stucked, he said " i need ur help.. as usual"
'is he will going anywhere in this time or sooner? nk kene wt surat ke' my mind babbled..
"please attend a tutorial, NA2 subject..tomorrow at 4pm..blablablabla" while his hand gave me the subject's modul...including this 1 have 3 copies la, but i juz took the book..org dah bg tak elok tolak..rzki..huhu..gpon ade new question..then kuar dr blk DROY dgn ati yg bengkak..tp ckit je la..*sigh*

" why dont he asked Yogi" 1st question from B when i told him...
" ntah.. he might be afraid if students dont understand Yogi.."
" seems like he trust u than Yogi," B replied
" I dont know. may be he give me an opportunity to experience a lecture..so nk keje nti sng la kot.."
no body knows DROY's reason. why he choose me not Yogi..wal hal Yogi sgt berjuta kali lbh rajin compare to me..xpe la..juz used this opportunity to adapt myself in this field..

huh..ni br blk dr kelas la..for the 1st day ni ramai gk la yg dtg..DROY ckp student ade dlm 50++ tp yg dtg td dlm 20 kot..biasa la.sape rjn gi tutorial..tdo lg best.huhuhuh...juz wait n see je la for the next class..huhu...they already know im married..of course Droy had introduced me as Pn Azliza in their class yesterday..but they still call me kak dr puan..huhu...what ever la..

right now im a superwoman..being a researcher, student n tutor..its sound hard..but i have to handle it..x susah pon sbb im brilliant..huhu..angkuh tol bunyinye..tp sbb pmls tu yg susah..but i have to wake up n work hardesssstttttttt..so much things to do to make sure i will accomplish this master as soon as possible..then i can stay with my beloved hubby n cant wait to be a full time wife..ade ke istilah mcm tu..huhu..Lt Mohd Yusairi B Mohd Yusoff TLDM..i love u so much..muaahhhhh...

ps: got new sad news..he might be sailing to Korea this 1st Oct, which mean 1st raya..sedih kn...uhuukkkk

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