Sunday, July 20, 2008

Suku Abad

Alhamdulillah, my life was turned to 'suku abad' on 17th July 2008..mean 25th years old was my 1st time i had a besday as a wife, 2nd time besday since we known each other and we never celebrate together bcos of our separation..sooo sad..this year he sang a besday song 4 me tp sebaris je..ok la tu kn.lbh2 kang ujan lak.huhu.jgn mrh ye cyg..gurau je..and he had gave me a birthday present a month earlier, when our last met b4 nikah..n with the present we can see n talk to each other even we are separated by South China dia da present, was taken by Maman..huhu..

thanks a lot for siblings and frens which had wished my besday through sms, ym or friendster..please pray for our blissful n happiness..hope all the heavenly life will lasting for ever..

we also got a bad news on my besday..not so bad la actly..hurmmm...for his 2nd phase training he are listed to on board at KK until this Dec..arghhh...frust..we thought he can be at Lumut for this next 4 months..but he still trying to change his training place and waiting for the confirmation through this week..we really hope he can transfer to Lumut then he wont celebrate Raya alone..

b4 forgotten, i also got a present from Yani..a small present but i dont mind about the price, more important is, she was sincere to give me something..thank u so much..bile la nk pakai kn...kuar dating ngn hasben or gi kenduri br pakai kot..kalau takat gi opis tak yah, bazir je..hehe..

my siblings (except ajim), yani n parents were back to kg last friday..n on saturday abg gg, kak iza, yani, suadah n me went to Jusco.tu yg dpt adiah tu..huhu..maman demam so dok umah jaga azief je..and we had a KFC at home as a dinner on that nite..kakak share ngn yani?? huhu..donno mkn sorg seketul je..sbb kenyang mkn durian nite they planned to play bowling but the planned was canceled bcos of lack of player (i told them im not going..sgt penat) also bcos they felt tired too..huhu...

yani n me at FOS..bought nothing juz posing..hehe...
azief x leh tido sbb sgt gembira di siang ari..gosok2 kaki tu ikot sape botak cik..huhupndai tgk camera ek..


nad nazira said...

Suku abad dah? xdela..nampak mude remaje the way..happy b-day!!!

dek ja said...

tq..msti la..kt kene muda selalu..huhu
nk adiah...hehe

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