Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Look


a BIG surprise for me when i went to Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah (PSZ) UTM this morning.. wow rajinnya diriku ke PSZ di pagi ahad.. tido lg syok kn tp dgn tekad utk setelkan keja ku gagahi juga.. but end up with main intenet gk.. hehe..

seperti biasalah kalau bahan utk engineering kat aras paling atas, 5th floor. ms selak buku kat meja tiba2 terperasan something..

wow.. quite impressive..

guess what??


they are new racks. i don't know either these new racks will be replaced all old ugly racks or just some portion since i don't went to other level and at 5th floor itself still has the old racks..

the loyal old racks

it might be unfinished replacement of racks or the new racks are just for special collections which FYI the new racks are at left side facing the lift which placed special collections such as Project Report, Conference Paper etc...

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