Monday, September 15, 2008

Plis c me-Droy

hi all..
guess why Droy want to c me..
he had 'sms'ed me early morning
0858.. x la early morning for those yg bekerja
tp agak early la for person like me which only woke up at 1000..huhu

once get his sms i straight away get up from my lovely bed & the bantal bucuk..
make some preparation b4 meet him
calculated a duct length and radius..
thus draw it using solidworks software..
in 20 to 30 minutes i finished 2 models..huhu
rewrite all those calculation n dimension of the rotor n its duct..
in a very very proper n neat..
in my log book which not luak even used it for 2 years

but it will get messy again in a short time..*wink*
discuss with tn hubby what is the objective of the experiment if im going to build a model n test it
what is the suitable material to be used..
and after confident n agak2 well prepared gi la jupe Dr

i had discussed with Droy almost 30minutes
and at last he said something yg mencarik ati nih..
"so.. byk keje ni x leh la nak mnta tolong"
owh GOD.. rupanya he want to c me to give other job
not to asked about my project..
penat je cek pk n bg ayat powerrr...
but at least we have discussed something n he see my improvement
wlpon ayat je lebih.. keje mmm.. payah nak habaq
pndai gk pn ejau ni bermain dgn kata2 ek..huhu..
work less, think much, speak wisely
ok x falsafah mcm ni.. haha..

the job he given to me is...
marking NA2 student's test paper
n he want it b4 1300 tomorrow.. if possible la
or b4 17oo tomorrow..
n luckily there are 2 questions n he already marked 2nd question
i have to mark 1st question only.. without schema
so buat schema sendiri laa...

after settled with him, i went to Pusar Sumber FKM
borrowed a thesis regarding wind turbine..
hope it will help me yg tengah kelam nih..

ps: is anybody can help and give me an opinion regarding the yellow sentences??

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