Monday, September 22, 2008

'unimportant' thing

Four days to go to meet 'my little grumpy man' in some cases laa especially a thing involving his beloved wife n families.. recently he got mad on me regarding a raya matters.. I totally agreed with him.. we are doing such a STUPID thing if we are quarrel on this ‘unimportant’ thing.. and we had done it..

u know, this is our first raya we’ll celebrate as husband and wife. having two families mean we have to manage a times n days we have wisely.. so nobody will be hurt or backbiting towards us not our families, but somebody who’s always looking for my fault.. u know who is them

we had discussed this thing peacefully, no screaming or yelling at each other. even sulking.. totally calm.. and finally we decided to raya at him, for some reasons,
-he want to break fasting with his family, missing n craving for ma’s ayam percik it was a marvellous ayam percik he ever had..
-abah had bought a tickets to KL on 2nd raya..
-I want to join my family’s vacation at Cameroon on 3rd raya..

so I have no choice.. and I don’t really mind to raya at him at a 1st place until he came out with “abah ngan ma suka gile raya kali ni semua balik” and “raya nanti mesti kuar beraya sama2” for a few times since I bought the tickets means confirming we will raya at his place..

I felt a little sorrow towards all the words and said ‘something’ which he thought I’m bring up the past.. I really don’t mean it. I juz tell what I’m feeling.. u know what he said when I told him I’m sad for being apart with family on this raya?
“nape nak sedih. kan raya ngan suami. ada family jugak”

just imagine, after 24 years u celebrate a raya with ur own family, and suddenly u have to raya with somebody else – which to be used ur family too.. but it’s still others huh.. and a person u hope will comfort u in this situation, give a words like that.. just like he never think what u feel.. seems he doesn’t understand anything..

‘then if u don’t feel sad n don’t mind, next year onwards we will raya puasa at my place. We will celebrating raya aji at ur place. Deal?’ I blew out..

he just said yes when he in a ‘malas nak layan mood’ but I’m pretty much sure it won’t happen.

but the quarrel not takes so long. We have a chat as usual on the next day.. like nothing happened a night b4.

but while we were in a quarrel about this matter, sometimes I felt like mmm.. what to say huh.. mmm why I’m married someone which come from 8hours traveling by car from my place. I'm not regret what fated to me bcoz he is a perfect man to me.. but I’m just thinking.. this is a situation we have to face every year. and what ever it is.. I just hope we can discuss n tolerate regarding this raya matters.. no quarrel or sulking.. juz be a good husband n wife.. understand each others.

and for those which have been married or will be marry somebody who is from other country n very long distance like us, plis plis plis get prepare mentally n physically to face this situation. Don’t make this thing as a reason the quarrel n separation begin..

actually I’m so exciting to raya there.. I want to inflame a ‘pelita’ around abah’s house.. – even thought mr hubby said it syapik’s job.. I’d like to do that.. the house will looks happening and very pleasant huh.. and sure I will miss my family very bad..

in mean time, I’m also feel terrify, VERY MUCH.. donno what can I help ma in her cooking.. may be hubby n me can twist a position.. he will give a hand at a kitchen while I will preparing the hall. Aci x??

Last but not least, I really hope on this raya nothing bad will happen neither at Kelantan nor Melaka.. hope everybody will celebrate raya happily. and we will having a fun time at Cameroon together.. I also hope there is no one outsider.. only family members, those kids with bin or binti of Abdul Aziz, in-law, my nephew.. hope so..

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