Sunday, September 14, 2008

fire drill@S19

fire drill..for siswi, only my block, S19 participated with it..
..coz this is a new students block.. so ini cara nk train them.. or buli may be..

this training is compulsory to all collage, but KTC used to make it on some blocks only
..coz our buildings are so many n hard to handle.. jd knk2 baru ni la jd sasaran;)

but why at 3am on Ramadhan??
..the emergency situation can be occur any time.. added nk kejut sahur.. tima kasih ye adik2..

di bwh sinaran lampu plus bulan mengambang adik2 ni dikumpulkan.. kesian depa.. but some of them dah taw pon nk wt fire drill ni..

5 mnts are given to them to make the block empty.. after 5mnts they are considered burn.. n fortunate no one is burn.. wpon depa jln dengan lenggang kangkong..

ehhh.. ade la.. tu 'si gajah' dlm bilik PF tu.. tido mati tak ingt.. huhu.. seb baik la ittew 'gajah' x turun ngn baju kelawar dia.. kalau x kompem malu bsr n PF ittew akn di maki.. huhu.. tak smpt nk btaw pon sbb blk dr taklimat 'gajah' dah tido..

waited until 4am n had a little speech by Pengetua n Syukri about the fire drill.. he said the suppose time taken to move out is 3 mnts.. means sooo much many of them yg rentung la.. oo so pity.. hehe..

ps:saya tak mo tido until subuh.. kalau tido skng kompem x solat subuh..

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