Tuesday, March 4, 2008

with or without egg??

These are a pics of yimmi..im having it at jusco with Fiza last Friday. It’s a long time I didn’t eat it, since the Arena renovated. Yie say so last few days.. The way to order also changed. Before this we can order to a person who cooks and pay after got the food. But now we have to pay 1st then wait for the food. Actually Jusco Permas also like this. But this is my 1st time after its changed. tak taw lak dah tukar..huhu..malu je.. we chat while eating..NO..she eating while talking..i juz listen to her and give her a words. Nothing much we can talk about in 2 hours.. we have soooo much to share but its all about time. Hope we can meet again..maybe on may big day..i hope so..

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