Wednesday, March 5, 2008

new skils..;)

now and a day forwards i'l study new software-Solidworks for designing purpose..huhu..i looveeee design..really!! this is a task im waiting for..b4 this i have to read n keep reading a literatures..n now i'll start my lovely job..huhu..actly we got the software yesterday n the manual is provided as the book will be my favourite book this mean news bout my proposal presentation..antara idop ngan mati nihh..huhuu..i asked the faculty yesterday..and sooo shocked when she-'penjaga counter' said the presentation will be held on 17th march..did i heard it correctly or salah dengar..sgt2 takot.i do nothing.nothing can be present pon..giler weii..but then she said the date will postpone until 21st or 22nd april..yuuhuuuuuu..sgt gembira...hehe..soOO much much time i have to do a design work and update collected berusaha!!!

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