Wednesday, March 5, 2008

legaa.. last setel gk 1 assignment for UHW 6022- Falsafah & Social Development Philosophy..Yesterday, our group, 6th group had presented a topic entitled ‘ISU GEJALA SEKS BEBAS DI MALAYSIA. SATU KAJIAN KES DAN PENYELESAIAN MENURUT PERSPEKTIF ISLAM’. Only 2 groups have to present for every class..and yesterday only group 5 and 6 had presented. The group 5 took almost 1 hour to present their topic, whereas only 20 minutes is given actually. They have to stop the presentation by themselves. But then at 6 o’clock sharp the lecturer stopped them.tu pon dorg tak present byk lg..

then our group started a presentation..i am a 2nd presenter. i thought the first 3 presenter had present well.. we just go through to the point and don’t meleret2 too much bcos we know the audience would boring. We had a boring presentation before *sigh*..BUT..our last presenter..hmmm..sooo slow..melereeeetttttt je..pnt seh tunggu..but at least our group had made our classmate word ‘skodeng’ made them laugh and that’s mean they pay attention to us..huhu..

actually i never knew my group’s members.they’re all from FKA..i just get into the group bcos I have no fren in the class..huhu…asalkan ade grup sudaahhh..and now we have to prepare the report also the 2nd assignment-book synopsis..cayok!!!

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