Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~proud day~

Its been a year after my convocation. Everyone have their own life; working, resign, find a new job, get a job and resign again, and start find another job..hehe..also start making properties, bought a car..PERSONA, MYVI, at least a VIVA is enough already than Honda kapcai..at new place meet a new friend and fall in love, frust and find another as long not other’s..for those which already have a bf or gf started planning to tying the relation..make money as many as they can....getting engaged and after a few months get married..also a few is further study to gain more income in the future but at the same time still earn money.these are a friend of mine which known in UTM since 2002

she was my roommate on Minggu Haluan Siswa and from KMPP but we never know each other until the time we are in the same room..she is muslim ok but love PIGGY..dono why.but not love to eat la..jus luv wt koleksi je..and I don’t know either she still the same or not..currently she is working at KL or Selangor but for sure nearby her house at Serdang..

last we met was on April 2007 I guess, when I went to kelantan visited my future in laws.At the moment this girl is pengaggur kehormat but now she is working at Lumut, shipping company..ms study tak belajar kapal tp keje kat com kapal..jeles taww..rasanye dia nk tak jd pengapit mjlis bertandang nti..kot2 leh temu jodoh..huhu..

proud of this girl.ank mak gitu..very close with her mom..told her mom everything even about her bf.she also working at Lumut, same company with Gma..depa ni mmg tak leh dipisahkan..dia dah beli kete ke eh?? Rasa aritu mcm bwk kete bapa dia je..zira ko bile nk tunang nih?

she is my schoolmate at mrsm muar but we never talk..this girl..i like..hehe.. suke nyakat bdk ni..tak taw la nape..maybe sbb dia blurrr je..hehe..she is the ‘penakutest’ girl I had know..cannot sleep alone..kene ade bntal kiri kanan atas bwh..kira penuh la katil..patu tak leh tido gelap gelita..kene ade chya..huhu..this melaka girl very proud to be melaka’s..rite now, she is missing in action..cannot reach her hs..tukar number tak btaw sape2..dono where she working rite now..ade ckp dia skng kat Shah Alam..maybe she want make a surprise..juz wait..

our fate to be together since MRSM muar..but at muar we are not close..juz kenal gitu2 je..at KMPP we started to be closed since we are in the same kuliah..now she’s working at Shah Alam I guess...dono so much about this girl..da beli kete ke, still with her old bf ke..or having a new and good life..

mm..last met was on my engagement day..she was with her sisters..but at time she came I’m not ready..baru pas mandi..bj pon tak siap lg..thanks for coming anyway..but sorry sbb tak smpt nk lyn..she have other thing to do and leave early.minah ni sedih ckit klu tnya bile nk tunang dia ckp jgn tnya dia..laki dier tak ckp pape takkan dia nk ckp..alaa..skng ni pompuan slmba je ckp..kalu nk tunggu laki bile la eh…she’s working at seremban and bought grey PERSONA..

this girl has bought MYVI..white MYVI..rite now keje kat Pasir Gudang..kilang ape tah..3 months b4 dia msuk singapore, under same company cume kat sane for training.she with her fren ulang alik jb-spore dr umah dorg kat Uda..juz sbln sblm abis dia ulang alik n stay at my room.skng dah dok msia tercinta blk, dok kat Masai n forgot her friend.what a pity me.huhu..pompuan ni taknak kwin lg..her future in laws dah sbuk nk minang..hehe...

my married ex-classmate..kwin ngn bf ms belajar gak also my classmate..tp tak dpt pegi their reception sbb takde kwn..so sori..dorg keje pon under one roof..dah pakai Gen2 ms tunang lg..lama gk tak contact minah ni..ye la org dah dok serumah ngn laki mane nak topup lg kn..huhu..

this last two frens..tak byk sgt dpt info psl dorg..yaty still kat semenanjung keje somewhere kat KL/Selangor..dgr2 dah jupe bkl mentua..good news...santi lak kat Sabah dah dekat ngn abg adik dia..bile nk kwin tak taw la..huhu...

last but not least is ilah..takde lak gmbr konvo dier..tp juz letak gmbr ms nk present bi..minah ni skng keje kat Panasonic Senai..b4 this keje kat flextronic..do not have a bf yet..sedang mencari la tu..has bought black PERSONA..manual lg taw..

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