Sunday, March 2, 2008


At last the winner of One In A Million (OIAM) 2, is revealed on last Friday nite. Norayu Damin let Shila the comei girl down.. Majority I heard happy with the result. But Ina and I felt disappointed with the result. Not so much la..a very very little..we don’t mind who’s win and who’s lose. But juz wait n see who can get famous and who will terperuk je..

i never follow this program actually but when watch the preview we can see..Ayu alwaz sing high note songs and she sang with feeling but when look her expression, her tensen mimics, I fell tensen as well..huhu..congratz anyway..hope she will success..what she will do with the money..alter her teeth maybe, as she said not sure bout this but I read it at CARI.. and of cos she will help n changes her family’s life. Don’t terperuk dah la..klu tak waste Malaysian money je..huhu..

different with Shila..she alwaz sang a catchy song and we enjoy her performance. But that’s not her 'rezeki'..i don’t mind so much. I hope this little girl will success and work hard bcoz she have a package..

pity to Sarah for kicked out on the same day..mcm tak patut je kn..but others said she soo confident and ‘kekwat’ and may be that’s why she are not voted. But at least they-other finalist and participant learn something in this program. Just improve ourselves no matter what we are doing..for our sakes, for our future..

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