Monday, August 11, 2008

hangat ckt dr biasa..

weekend yg lepas lebih hangat dr x la hangat sgt..hangat ckit je dr biasa..huhu..

juz surfing internet on day time, meanwhile marked NA2 1st assignments..not so bad la depa ni.. ade gk yg dpt fullmark.. last week tutorial the students getting lesser.. as i guess.. tp seb baik ada yg dtg.. see this week lak. hrp2 ade la yg sudi dtg dgr n lihat Pn Azliza ni bebel..huhu..

si kidal tgh marked paper ditemani B..syahdu toi..

actly ilah, ina n me planned to watched SUSUK on evening but was canceled coz of not enough quorum. ina was working n back home late.. so ilah n me went to Tmn U and having dinner at such a damn stall.. the services was sooo damn bad.. pas mkn ktorg gi Jusco, jln2 cari pasal je.. beli jajan n pape tah... when we back to hostel ina already there.. bad ilah cheated bkn ktorg yg mula.. dah ina tnya best x ila pon ape lg mainkn la minah tu. me at that time tgh gayut gelak je. ina x tngkap sbb dia ingt gelak ngn B.. huhu..

yeah...arini ktorg kuar tgk wyg cite SUSUK.. at the 1st place ina had other plan. she was waiting for her bf to return back her car.. tp ktorg pujuk gk dia ikot sbb boring ar kuar dua je.. at last she agreed.. sian kat ktorg yg boring thp dewa ni kot.. huhu... this is our 1st time watched movie together even we had known each other almost 6 years.. huhu..

ila permandu yg berhemah...on da way nih.hehe...

all of us..smpt lg tuh...

b4 msuk panggung ktorg smpt la window shopping n wt peel org xde keje..huhu..ENJOY!!!

me look small beside a big shirt..tu la petua nk nmpk kurus..huhu..

another petua tuk nmpk kurus jgn amik gmbr nmpk gmok cik ina ni..huhu..

dok try kasut tp bkn beli pon bdk 2 org ni..guess mane ina n ila leg..huhu

top view..lelong2 bed set..smlm last day..

about SUSUK..ramai sgt pelakon yg top n best wpon blkon sat2 je..mcm Sofea Jane yg cantik, Aleeza Kassim soo sexy, cmne leh lepas babak tu ek.. Ida Nerina.. Diana Rafar n ramai lg la.. mmg ramai sgt pelakon.. some reviews from us. not bad la citer ni.. tp mcm x berape nk phm sgt... ila ko kn tgk 2x tak kan tak phm kot.. huhu... susah nk cite sbb takot tak kene tgk sndri la..actly this our 1st time watch this movie la ina.. smlm tu ilah kelentong ko je.. hehe.ampun ye.. n mcm ade smbungan dia je nti.. huh.. just wait n synopsis of the movie from Sinema Malaysia..

Beauty has a price. Soraya is a young trainee nurse who is starting to feel disaffected by her life. A chance introduction to the world of glamour piques her earlier ambition to be a star. She does not succeed at first, but she is told that the forbidden practice of susuk can help. She has to make a choice whether to stay the way she is, or cross the line... Meanwhile, Suzana is a prominent diva with an air of mystery. She has long been a practitioner of the black arts due to her use of the extreme susuk keramat. Every time she violates a taboo, a human life is required. We follow the eventful lives of these two women until we get to the true secret of this dreaded charm.

nk cite psl dlm panggung je.. i set in between of them.. ilah asik tutup muka ngn sweater je.. ina lak dok nyorok kat my lengan.. penakot la korg ni.. seb baik la yg dok tgh ni berani ckit.. hoho.. ape2 pon enjoy went out with both of u.. hope we can kuar lg sesame.. slgi my hubby tak melarang la..miss my hubby

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