Wednesday, August 6, 2008


*Sigh* dunia mmg nk terbalik da..benda yg dilarang itu lah yg org suka buat..nape ekk..dah ada anak bini or anak suami still nk ade scandal ngn org lain kat luar… tulah topic Hot Chat pg smlm (05082008) kat Hot FM.. SCANDAL.. perghh… ape la nk jd ngn manusia skng.. tak ingat dosa pahala ke, at least ingat anak2 kat umah..

Yg sedihnya bile yg terlibat ngn hubungan terlarang ni both married..msg2 pon ade prob ngn spouse msg2.. ade mslh nape tak settle ngn psngn gi tmbah mslh lg ade la..i had read somewhere long time ago,
when u have a problem with ur spouse don’t u ever share or tell the problem with someone which in opposite sex..
soooo dangerous..from sympathy the feel can change to love.. find a person in a same sex, which u trusted.. or just share with siblings..

Teringat lak a case of my proud of her when she was in trouble with her husband, she shared with me, even though I cant help anything..but I can be a good listener n just gave some advices..n I hope her husband will taking care of their fmly..miss u la my dear Yong..same goes to Yanie.. but she's single dont mind la kalau cr kwn laki..huhu... of my friend..i hate this type of 1st she juz befriend with a fiancĂ© of someone..i told her, “ko nak kawan xpe..jgn nti ade feeling dah la.”“Xde la dia nk kwin dah July ni” she that time lg 2 bulan that guy nak kwin…and guess what..after I back from cuti kawin, she told me that she fall in love with that guy..both of them fall each other…ms tu lg 2 or 3 weeks the guy will nikah..gile ke x giler…and I was a happiest person when she kantoi with her her boyfren sgt la baik ati accept blk bdk tu…kalau laki lain dah kene tinggal da weeiii..tu kalau wt hal lg tak taw la..this scandal couple still keep contact even after the guy married..but lately they got quarrel n don’t contact each other..i hope they will lost forever..x baik kacau umah tangga org..kalau org wt kat kite mcm la perasaan bini org tu..msti sedih kalau taw laki dia mcm tu..

Ok…from the callers..all of them which entangle in scandal got less concern or care from their spouses..the spouse is a all the time n don’t spent a time with fmly even on weekend..try la to understand a spouse’s work..we marrying with her/him, we also have to marry with her/his trying my best to understand my hubby's job although it soo hard..

Actly I had many experience around me with this topic, but I hope whose involved with this problem please stop this illegal relation b4 this thing will destroy ur life..n I hope they are not doing anything yg jatuh hukum dosa la kalau org dah kwin ni mmg sgt bijak berkata2 n berpengalaman…lg2 kalau x dpt lynn..gersang..huhu

Some advices for them, also to myself n hubby, if we had a problem don’t keep it by ourself..face to face with the spouse n discuss from heart to heart..biar la time tu nk gado ke ape tp at least kite taw ape yg kurang n tak puas ati..after that try to do our best to make our fmly live blissfully..jgn main ckp belakang n ngadu kat org lain but another side tak taw ape yg xkene..taw2 je name busuk n org lain pndg rndh kat dia.berbincang n perbaiki kelemahan..most important thing is don’t forget ALLAH.. solat n berdoa la.. smbhyang tu kn tiang agama.. insyaAllah Allah sntiasa ingat hmba yg mengingatiNya.. ejau mcm jd ustazah dah skng ni..fullstop

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