Thursday, August 7, 2008

hows life without him??

tonight is the last nite hubby sleep at KD Pahang..yeah that is his ship's name.yeke..tibe2 mcm x sure lak.huhu...for this time laa..tak taw lg bile B kene tido sana lg..msti ade lg punye..he will training on the ship for 4 months until Dec 2008..

these 3 days make me sooo sad...b4 this, at this time we just end the call n preparing to sleep..but these 3 days he went to bed at more 1 hour n half conversation..ade la call but juz a little conversation.he called me b4 wt he call?? pemeriksaan mlm?? at 1930.chatted about 10 to 20 mnts.and wait for his sms.about 2100 br la ade sms..sgt bz kn jejaka ini..if he have a free time after pemeriksaan mlm then he will called me..but at 2240 he start felt sleepy n asked my permission to go to sleep..felt pity to him, i just let him go..he woke up at 5am..sana subuh awl..

b4 this, on the morning he always woke me up with SMSs, calls, or
video calls n saw my sepet mata yg baru bukak..taik mata pon ade lg..huhu.but now even 1 sms pon sgt susah...his 1st sms was at 10am or luckily at more call in opis hour..juz pity huh??

sometimes rs mcm nk merajuk mcm xde org peduli pn..but i have to be pro...he on duty not bersuka ria berdangdut bagai..i have to understand his work, his situation n try to adapt with his situation..skg ni seb baik la dia leh sms wpon xleh sms n call sll mcm day when he on board, hows my life without his sms or i will survive without him..even though skng pon im living without him but its enough if i could hear his voice or receive sms from him, shows he in a good condition..when the days am i??

ok la sweety...B msti dah dibuai mimpi..smga mimpi indah taw..jgn mimpi yg menakutkan lak..make sure bc surah2 yg spttnye b4 tdo spya kite sntiasa dilindungi...luv u sweetheart..

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