Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome Home Lappy

GOod news... actly thursday last week punya good news.. huhu

last thursday, ada call dr somewhere. missed call actly sbb ms call tu sy takde kat bilik.. so i called them back..

good thing is, they had done my laptop. and i can pick it up anytime except tomorrow of that day, which is Labour Day.. it just a week from i sent she there..

so sy dgn serabutnye pn pk la mcm mane nk gi amik Miss Lappy kat Masai tu.. so with thought and counted over many things, i called a cab. the regular cab i used to use. he charged me RM50 for two way plus waiting..

and the other good thing is, they don't format my lappy.. so all the important and 'lagho' things are safe. hope she will doing fine forever, especially at this time until 19th June.. i have to work hard from now on..


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