Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Fine Day

Semlm 1st time ditahan oleh Abg Guard - dsbbkan usianya yg muda bebanding Pak Guard yg lain.. hikss.. ms nk gi fakulti lalu lingkaran dalam - staf je leh lalu time opis hour..

“student ke staf” mamat guard tu tnya
“RO”dgn poyonye perempuan ini menjawab.. mamat guard tu mcm blur2.. x pnh dgr kot RO tu ape..
“tgk kad matrik”
“fakulti mana?” dia tnya lg..
“mekanikal” smbil tngn dok cari kad matrik dlm wallet.. seb baik ada kad matrik berwarna biru, gmbr berlatarbelakangkan warna kuning – tandanya staf sementara..
“ok. nape x buat sticker baru” tnya dia lg smbil tgk kat sticker berwarna coklat – tandanya staf sementara.. senyum kambing tanpa jwb ape2.. mcm pnh tgk kambing senyum je.. huhu..
“nti buat sticker baru ye”
“ok. tima kasih” senyum kambing lg n blah.. huhu.. dah nk abis 1 sem br ada org tnya bile nk wt sticker baru.. pak2 guard lain pn x berani tnya, mamat guard tu gk yg berani tnya.. huhu… kad matrik tu pn ntah2 dah x valid lg.. nk wt sticker br mls nk guna kad matrik student nti xleh bermaharajalela mcm skng – lalu lingkaran dlm dgn selamba badaknya..

Semlm dgn rajinnya gi kolokium yg ke.. berape ek.. tp yg ke-2 saya ikuti kat FKM la.. tu pn disbbkan email Droy yg tulis COMPULSORY FOR ALL STAFF, POSTGRADUATE AND FINAL YEAR SMK STUDENTS. .. so pergi la dlm keterpaksaan..

ms smpai tu ingatkn dah start, (was late 5minutes) tp rupanya x msuk dlm dewan seminar lg pn. n ms smpai tu rs mcm artis lak.. sume mata memandang – kebykan dorg tuh bdk final year SMK (mekanikal – marin tech) merangkap super duper junior laa… dorg pn kena pksa gk tuh.. nk je tnya dorg “ape pandang2. tak penah tgk perempuan cantik ke” mau terkedu depa.. haha.. tu ayat febret bg kat Azief sbb suka sgt tgk his only auntie ni..

ala standard la bdk laki mekanikal kalau tgk perempuan cantik skit msti tak kelip mata punya sbb kat fakulti pompuan x leh kira.. mcm x de je.. huhu.. tp ada la jgk.. 1:40 kot.. tp…. cantik ke?? pakai cm biasa je.. jeans with shirt pemberian Maman.. cuma tudung cantik ckit la smlm.. lg 2 bdk pompuan yg ada so-so je.. soooo perasan kn. haha.. bini sapo la nih.. huhuhu

tp yg pastinya mood bini Yusairi smlm ok je.. leh gelak2 n snyum ngn Yogi yg biasanya dpt tgk muka monyok je.. haha.. ngn akak2 kat RMC n kat Pjbt Pntdbiran FKM pn leh snyum je.. sll mcm org xde perasaan je.. rs best lak snyum kat org tp mslhnya otot snyum kat muka ni susah nk berfungsi.. ada time dia je.. huhu... susah betol wanita bernama Azliza Bt Abdul Aziz nih..

A colloqium/talk was held as follows:

Date: Wednesday 15th October 2008
Venue: Dewan Seminar Fakulti C23
Time: 10.30 - 11.30am -- Morning! (gue ingt ptg seb baik cek blk email pg smlm..)
Title: Fast Sea Transport for Inter-Island Development in the Archipelago of Indonesia : A Case Study and an Innovative Design Solution.
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Daniel M. Rosyid, Centre for Marine Studies, ITS Surabaya

Executive Summary (from email sent by Droy)

The vast archipelago of Indonesia poses special problems of developing modern, fast, comfortable and safe communications for passengers and light freight. In the last decade there has been an exponential increase in the range of air services with a significant decrease in unit cost. On the other hand sea transport has remained undeveloped. Many passenger vessels are unsuitable for their trade with dismal standards, and increasingly expensive. Cheap air transport raises public expectation, but it only works where the centres connected are both large and prosperous, for instance Surabaya and Makassar. It also requires a suitable distance the cost being largely in getting the aircraft up and down. Flights of under 100 nm become increasingly uneconomic. There remain countless small islands that need developing either for tourism, or for their natural resources. For these there have been attempts to introduce fast sea transport. So far none of these have proved particularly successful; hydrofoils, catamarans and various semi planning and planning hulls have been tried.

In April we were asked to do a feasibility and assessment study on a semi planning fast ferry, Kartini I, provided by Central Java Regional Government. We found that the high costs of running such a vessel, combined with its unpleasant sea keeping in off shore conditions rendered it techno- economically inefficient. We were asked to make recommendations for improving the sea keeping of the existing vessel and to recommend further vessels. After considerable research both in traditional design solutions and in those further field and we came up with a proposal for developing a LAN (Long And Narrow) type vessel. This offers high speeds with small engine power, excellent sea motion and aircraft type comfort and facilities. We hold that our criticism of the existing design and service, recommendations for short term improvements, and our research goals of developing a new type of vessel that offers high speed and safety against small fuel requirements could have wider significance throughout the archipelago.

ps:dah agk msti citer psl case study kat Indon tu yg mls nk gi.. tp nk wt cmne.. tp design kapal dia mnrik.. mcm kpl terbang, ada syp.. trimaran namanya..

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