Friday, June 12, 2009



im so sleepy.. but i can't sleep now, just afraid if i will wake up in the middle of the night and hard to fall asleep again. tomorrow morning i'l go to Muar, so im afraid if i'l oversleep.. so just endure for few hours more..


don't know what to do..

Mr Hubby started sailing to Philippine at 1800 just now.. i don't know the name of the place. he had told me several times but i don't get it.. they are expected to arrive there on Monday morning..

how about my thesis?? im waiting for Droy feed back about my draft. then i can repair and accomplish my thesis.. may be i have to wait until Monday..

to kill the time i watched GG again.. but sleepy eyes overcome any other things.. got bored.. i just love to watch scenes of Luke and Lor.. but i can't keep forwarding the movies to watch them.. so i just watched few episodes n stopped..

browse internet?? im getting boring.. everyday see the same things. email, forum, friendster.. youtube suck.. tv3 also.. or may be my broadband also suck..

Oh maybe because i don’t shut down miss lappy for few days.. so its getting slower.. currently im downloading Korean series drama..

oh ya.. yesterday i went to collage's office and took a parcel that mr hubby sent me last week. guess what is it??

this is my pass to enter TLDM base at KK.. they are expected to arrive at KK on 28th at the 1st place.. therefore he sent me this, so i have to take a taxi from airport by myself. however, their schedule have changed and they will arrive there on 25th. so he will fetch me.. im so relief..

ehemm.. this is my right as a Lt's wife.. there are no words such as 'menumpang'
.. whose said that are jealous i guess.. huhu

another few days to our 1st anniversary.. and also the-jealousy-person-day which had torn my heart into pieces...

ps: can't wait.. for many things


R i z a said...

jau...ko dh semakin nak meninggalkan aku

liza said...

alaa.. ko pn sama.. ada rzki kt jumpa lg..

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