Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pehchaan : The Face of Truth

Tika dan saat ini sy tgh melayan cita hindustan di rumah...

huhu.. ni bkn cita jiwang yeee...

cita psl keadilan.. dah tgk awl mcm nk tgk smpai abis lak.. wpun mcm leh bajet je ending mcm mane...

mksud Pehchaan adalah Identity

antara pelakon2 dlm movie nih.. ~tnya en gugel.. kalau tak mmg tak kenal sorg pn..

- Vinod Khanna
- Rati Agnihotri
- Raveena Tandon
- Rajinder Sharma


Mridula is a headstrong, opinionated girl who along with her best friend Swati, go to college together. The two are really close and do everything together. They successfully finish their education, and go on to marry into respective families. Mridula marries Milind D. Khanna, the son of top lawyer Deepak Khanna (Vinod Khanna) and Swati marries Ajay Lal, the son of a high ranked politician.

Many years pass, and Mridula now a lawyer hears from a friend that Swati has committed suicide. Her friend tells her the circumstances surrounding her death and Mridula suspects that Swati's death was far from suicide. Mridula gets hold of Swati's diary in which she chronicled her daily thoughts. After reading the diary, Mridula is convinced that Swati was murdered by her in-laws and husband.

Determined to get justice for her deceased friend, Mridula decides to fight the case against the Lal family. Unfortunately, her father-in-law is fighting the case for the Lal's. Milind tries to convince Mridula to drop the case but she refuses, causing a rift between husband and wife. During the rift she finds support with her mother-in-law, Uttara Khanna (Rati Agnihotri) who urges her to fight for justice.

Mridula is caught between being a dutiful wife and a loyal friend. As she fights the case, her family and more importantly her unborn child are placed in danger by supporters of the Lal family...

credit to Pehchaan

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