Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lovely Weekend


i had a lovely weekend last week..

hang out with friend and family

just make it short,

lets enjoy the pics

Saturday (20032010, Mid Valley)

Main agenda was looking for hubby's birthday gift and sister's shoes..

also gi Baby Fair.. tp x sempat sbb we were rushing for something else

surprisingly at Center Court ada set Alice In Wonderland

so.. posing2 sikit..

smiling flower

cutie me and mushrooms

me, akak & yanie


Sunday (21032010, Sg Congkak)

It was family outing, tp x cukup quorum

mak, ayah, ijai and azim were not there.. also my hubby

but abg's bro-in-law & wife were joined us

the-cant wait-boy.. very excited ok

azief & papa..

a conference while having a free fish spa..
from left: abg's bro-in-law, abg, kak long & maman. front: papa azief

azief & mama
kak long's jajan as a bait.. he almost turn to blue

on da way back..
tired.. whose tummy it was?

oww.. where am i???

jeng jeng jeng

am i still look "berseri" in bare face??

sila jgn kutuk.. nk kutuk pn xpe

free dpt pahala..


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